Tuesday 23 June 2015

Total Oral Care from Mitti Se

Dental problems exist in every household ranging from gum disease, tooth decay, cavity etc and affecting people of all age groups. Even at my house, there are strict instructions to brush teeth twice every day. My hubby takes pleasure to brush his teeth more than twice which I think is not required for me. Then my little boy who is getting new teeth after shedding his milk teeth is also extra careful for his oral care. I somehow cannot be loyal to a specific dental cream bcz after some time I feel its not effective and so keep trying different ones. I guess many of you can co-relate with my story..

Today I am sharing my experience with 'Total Oral Care' tooth and gum powder from the product line of Mitti Se that is made of nature based ingredients.
Since I already talked about the brand in my previous post here, I will directly proceed with the review.

Product Claims:
Strengthens and tightens gums, stops bleeding, fights bad breath, treats sensitive teeth, removes stains and whitens teeth. Prevents plaque and tartar formation, helps in tooth-aches.
Ingredients: Neem leaves, Cloves, Turmeric, Babool, Jamun, Chirchita, Sonthh. Alum, Salt, Karanj, Guava and Banyan.
Price: Rs 125 fro 35 gm
Shelf Life: 5 yrs.
My take on the product:
I know tooth powders are very uncommon these days because we all want to squeeze a dental cream on our tooth brush and quickly perform the daily oral care regimen. But what I always believed is when we can spend hours beautifying our face and body, then why not a few minutes on our teeth. Moreover, there are some unhealthy ingredients in our toothpastes whose effects can cause your various oral diseases. With this thought, I welcomed Total Oral Care to my life :)

Total Oral Care is a light greenish powder (which turns darker when get wet) packed in a traditional white bottle with screw cap and a foil lining inside. The details regarding its ingredients is printed on the label.
Now talking about its usage, I prefer to sprinkle some of the powder on my moist toothbrush over the tooth paste and brush my teeth in the night before going to bed coz brushing is necessary to remove any food particles hidden between teeth. Now adding this tooth powder does a good job of leaving my mouth feeling clean.
My morning time ritual includes massaging it gently onto gums and teeth with fingers only, leave it on for few minutes and then rinse. Until I had started using this dental powder, my routine included a gum massage with salt and turmeric every morning. But now that practice has been replaced with use of total oral care because it not only contains salt and turmeric, but is enriched with additional benefits obtained from herbs and other natural healing agents provided by mother nature like neem leaves, jamun etc. On massaging, the powder doesn't foam at all and I wanted it not to, so its a positive aspect for me. My teeth feel polished and gums feel strong.
I'm most happy about the fact that my son, who needs to be reminded every morning to brush his teeth, is now himself asking to use this 'manjan' (in his words) ;)
It gives a weird aftertaste after initial use like most tooth powders do, but I eventually got used to it. It has greatly contributed to soothe the aching tooth and sore gum tissue at times. Me and my family members are quite liking the product.
I suggest you be careful not to moisten the powder in the bottle and keep the bottle tightly shut so that the powder doesn't get hardened.

P.S. The Total Oral Care powder is recommended safe for children above 5 years.

Lightweight packaging.
Herbal Ingredients
Thoroughly cleanses teeth.
Strengthens gums.
Purifies the breath.

Not easily available at stores. (but can be directly ordered from the http://www.mittise.com/ and its an era of online shopping, you see)

Total Oral Care is a result of modern techniques combined with vintage knowledge of herbs and spices that works wonder on your teeth and results in a beautiful smile :)


  1. never heard of this brand before, nice review!!!

    1. Do check their product collection and you will love to try some surely.


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