Friday 19 June 2015

Giveaway For Celebrating 500 Facebook Likes (Closed)

Hello Everyone

Being 500+ followers strong may not be a big deal for many, but I did wait for the moment so desperately since long.. I felt sad when someone left me in between, but felt proud for others who stayed and walked with me hand in hand. I feel grateful to each of my worthy readers and Wish to celebrate this milestone with a giveaway.
  • Follow Alive n KickingBarever and Everteen on Facebook. 
  • Subscribe to my blog via email and verify your subscription.
  • Answer "How can Everteen Natural Intimate Wash improve your intimate hygiene?" in comments below. (Hint: Read the Everteen review here)
  • Share the giveaway post on your FB timeline tagging all three pages and your friends who you think might be interested.
  • Leave your details in the comment section of this blog post.
  • Open to residents of India above the age of 18. 
  • It starts today on 19 June,15 and ends on 3 July,15. 
Winners and Prizes:
5 winners will be selected on the basis of best answer who will comply with rules. Each of the winner will get a Everteen Natural Intimate Wash each.
But the celebration doesn't end here.. I also completed 200 posts yesterday :) And I hope few of them would be your favourite too. I would love to know your views on the same..and there is a BIGGER prize for that..

The participant who will regularly read my posts till the last date of the contest and will leave genuine / meaningful comments on my posts will win Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor. 
We may select the person posting the best comment or posting maximum comments. So give it your best shot to get noticed!!

P.S. Its a sponsored giveaway and the prizes will be directly sent by the brand to the winners.


  1. congratulations for second century

  2. Waoh.. lovely giveaway.. would love to win...
    The everteen intimate wash keeps my delicate areas so fresh & soothing, all day long.. it is now a part of my routine. Its bestest intimate wash i've used. So wish to be luckiest...
    Following u everywhere..
    Loads of love..
    Monika sehdev..

    1. Thanks for participating. do share your details here.

  3. Congratulations on 500 followers.
    Everteen intimate wash helps in maintaining great intimate hygeine as it help to keep the right pH in intimate regions. Helps prevent buildup , odour and itching.
    Reduces risk of infections like UTI.
    I deally should be used twice a day, after you get intimate.
    Alos helps me maintain great hygeine during my period.

    wish i win this.

    1. Thanks for participating. Do share your email id as well.

  4. My Fb id

  5. Awesome giveaway ! Wish to win for the first time ,!

  6. Many congratulations .wish u many more followers :) <3
    Thankss for hosting such an amazing Giveaway.
    Everteen Natural intimate wash definitely helped in reducing the vaginal odour to a large extent.It maintains Vaginal Hygiene, Vaginal Moisture and everyday freshnes. :) Daily use of Everteen helps in preventing infections and gives relief from consistent itching or burning in vaginal area.I love this 100 percent natural ingredients.It not only cleans, but also tones the skin in your sensitive area.
    Done all the steps
    Fb name: Nishat Anjum
    Hope to win this awesum product.

  7. Here r my details..
    My twitter id - @munty_s
    My facebook name - MonikaAdvaniSehdev
    My instagram id - @munty_sourabh
    My google+ id - +monika sehdev
    My email id -

    Do check.. n wish to win.. love u alots...

  8. Hi shilpa congratulation on ur 500 followers :) wow, thax for having such a nice,cool giveaway,Everteen intimate wash gives extra moisture to my T-zone which generally become dry because of weather effect. It has a magical soothing effect, which gives natural flawless, glowing skin which is my ornament of my womanhood.

    My facebook name : Sujata Bansod
    my facebook shared linked :
    My email id :

    Hope of win :)

  9. Heartfely Congratulations my dear <3

    1. Thanks dear Roma. Why don't u join the lil celebration!! :)

  10. Congratulations for the milestone Shilpa. :D (y) I know even reaching 500 is difficult and it deserves a celebration and i would love to join your celebration by participating in this giveway. I have tagged my friends on your post rather than my post. I hope that this is not an issue.

    Coming to the rules, Everteen Natural Intimate Wash which is purely made from 100% natural ingredients and is also anti bacterial and anti fungal which will help in reducing the intimate infection, itching and also prevents vaginal odor with its pleasant fragrance. It is a must for all teenagers especially in these summers. Its regular use will definitely improve my n even other's intimate area.

    Here are my details :

    Facebook Name : Jaya Ahuja

    Facebook Share Link :

    Subscribed E-mail Id :

    Thank you for the giveaway. I will try my best to engage the most. :D

    1. Thanks for participating Jaya. But you need to share the post at least once and tag the pages.

  11. Congratulation!!!

    I entered. Wish to win. :)

    Everteen natural wash helps in maintaining PH balance of intimate area, thus avoiding any kind of itching or irritation.

    Facebook id: rruchikabhatia
    email ID:

    1. Ruchika, You have not shared the giveaway post rather shared the page. So it won't be counted. Kindly share this post and tag.

  12. Congratulations for 500 followrs!! Thanks for hosting an amazing giveaway mam :)

    Everteen intimate wash helps in maintaining intimate hygeine as it is 100% natural n help to keep the right pH in intimate regions. Helps prevent vaginal odour, infection and itching with pleasing fragrance .It maintains vaginal moisture n everyday freshness n very good for women of all ages :) It is mild for all skin types which is its best part :)

    I wud b lucky n wanna try it for me :)

    My details:
    Email subscription:
    Fb name: shobhika agarwal
    Fb share link :

    Done all steps :)
    Wish to win!!

  13. Congratulations for ur increasing number of followers n wish to become uncountable.. being honest I havnt used ny of u products Bt definitely want to try for rejenuvating my skin. Thank u
    My email id

    1. Hi Harpreet,

      You need to answer the question in order to win and also subscribe to this blog.

  14. My FB profile ID is:
    Fb share link:
    Email used to subscribe:
    Everteen intimate wash is safe and 100% natural and maintains proper pH balance thus keeping our intimate area clean and dry and prevents infections, rashes and any other related discomfort.

    1. Thanks for participating Shreoshe. Please tag the pages in your shared post.

  15. ID-
    Share link-
    Everteen intimate wash is for hygiene, so its for everyone.Moreover, its has Aloe Vera in it which helps in preventing infection..No age bars, so wish to win it for myself

  16. Congratulations for 500 followrs!! Thanks for hosting an amazing giveaway
    Email subscription:
    Fb name: jayshree mehta
    Fb share link

    1. Thnx for ur wishes. Kindly complete the steps to qualify.

  17. Congratulations on 500 followers.
    Everteen intimate wash helps in maintaining great intimate hygeine as it help to keep the right pH in intimate regions. Thus helps prevent buildup the odour and itching.
    Reduces risk of infections like UTI.
    Also helps me maintain great hygeine during my period.

    1. Thanks for participating dear. Kindly leave your details here.

  18. Everteen intimate wash is quite useful and a good hygiene product reduces d percentage of infection and makes women more confidant through out d day... :-)
    E mail id

  19. . really wish to win this awesome giveaway.. keeping my fingers crossed..


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