Monday 15 June 2015

Music Therapy May Lead to Well Being

Scared to my deepest soul, I was entering the children’s cancer ward of the local hospital. A dear friend's daughter had been diagnosed with symptoms of cancer and had been admitted for emergency checkups/treatment. Moving every step closer to the cancer ward, I could imagine myself in a dank and unwelcoming place occupied by kids in depressed state of mind due to fear-for-life. But I had to be strong to be on my friend's side in the hour of need. As the gatekeeper opened the door for me, I was back to the moment and managed to fake a smile to cheer my friend up. The scene was something different from what I had been expecting on my way. No!! I am not saying that this children’s cancer ward looked like the happiest place on earth, but the sight of a sad or grumpy child had been a rarity indeed. Instead, most of the kids were smiling and were even excited to see the medical team on the ward round. I could not stop myself reminding that the kids with cancer are still kids. The kids who had been experiencing daily discomfort and exhaustion from their aggressive and punishing treatment regimens were still so wonderfully positive. I thanked God for giving them amazing ability to adapt to the adverse situations with so much of uplifting attitude. I was indeed hopeful that the spirit with which these kids are fighting their disability or ailment will surely help them win over all the misfortune. In the midst of this unbelievably unique experience of my life, I could instantaneously recall that hospital scene from the movie Munna Bhai MBBS where the main character induced happiness, hope and positivism with his peppy dance and music performance. An idea clicked my mind and I thought of giving these kids a dose of great fun. I had heard of music therapy that supports cancer patients through treatment to improve both emotional and physical well-being. On my special request, Allu Arjun agreed to perk up the situation with his sensational moves with magical voice of Anushka Manchanda singing for little fans. The soulful music by Anushka seeped into innocent expressions of children and they swayed with the dance moves of Allu Arjun like no health problem ever occurred to them. The pain was relieved as if it never entered their bodies, the eyes shone like they were never filled with tears.. 
I know a day or a moment of fun cannot change their fate, but dance and music are certainly therapeutic and can fight the pain or isolation of hospitalization. When the singers and dancers can turn into music therapists, they can make somebody's difficult journey a little easier. That is why it is often said that, ‘Music is the best medicine in the world!’ 
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