Thursday 4 June 2015

Ethicare Remedies Kozilite H Skin Lightening Cream Review


How many of  you believe in skin lighteneing products.. I always have a fear to harm my skin unconsciously while using the ones which claim tall and fail to give satisfactory outcome.

Today I am reviewing Kozilite H Skin Lightening Cream by Ethicare Remedies which fared reasonably well for me..

The Key Ingredients:

Product Claims:

Ethicare Remedies Kozilite H Skin Lightening Cream is packed in a purple cardboard box that contains a plastic tube of same color. The outer carton gives full details about the ingredients, price, quantity etc. The soft plastic tube is sealed on the neck. It has a tight screw cap that preserves the cream inside. The light weight tube is easy to carry around.

The tube has the nozzle on the top that helps to pour only required quantity out when you press it gently. I liked the tube packaging which makes the usage of product more hygienic as compared to tub packaging because you need not to use your fingers to take out the cream.
Price & Qty: Rs 295 for 20 gm.
Shelf Life: 3 yrs.
Texture & Fragrance: The cream is lemony yellow in color. The texture is very soft on touch. The cream has a strong fragrance that may not be liked by some. It doesn't feel too pleasant in few initial application, but gradually you may develop a liking for it.
My take on the product:
Kozilite H Skin Lightening Cream is moderately thick textured cream that shows minute particles on spreading. But as you rub it with mild strokes, the particles don't even let their presence felt on skin and vanish immediately. The cream is light on skin and gets absorbed in seconds.
The cream imparts instant glow to the skin making it feel soft. It leaves no greasy aftereffects or dry patches, but still moisturizes the skin deeply. Now talking about its claim to lighten the skin tone... I actually didn't see any visible changes in my skin tone in last one week. But yes, the dullness of the skin is much cured. In a way, I am happy that Kozilite doesn't make me look fairer in a short span of time, because it would have given me an impression of containing bleach in the cream which is a discouraging factor to me.
Though half of the cream in my tube is over, I expect to notice clearer skin with prolonged application.

Light on skin.
Hygienic tube packaging.
Refreshes dull skin.
Easy to absorb.

Smell may not be liked by some users.
Contains parabean sodium.
Expensive for its quantity.
Need to use for long to fetch desired results.


  1. Nice post again!!! but most of ethicare products seems to be costly.

    1. I don't find them all costly. But this one is.

  2. most medicinal products like dermatologist recommended creams contain parabens , v.common
    compared to other face creams for hyper-pigmentation { I use many suggessted by my doc } the price is also reasonable
    too bad you didn't like it

    1. I initially found it somewhat unpleasant, but liked it afterwards.


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