Sunday 22 February 2015

Natural Tomato Soup by Vedantika Herbals

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Remember me posting reviews of two great skin care products (here and here) by Vedantika Herbals which is a renowned name  to offer products with highest level of purity without using any chemical preservatives, synthetic colours and fragrances. I was very much impressed with the effects of both the products on my skin. 

Today I tried their Instant Tomato Soup for the first time which claims to be 100% natural and contributing for health and wellness.
Product Info:
A great healthy and low calorie soup. Formulated with fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger, lemon, salt, black pepper, white pepper, clove, green chilies.

Tomato is a good source of potassium, Bcarotene (vitamin A) and Vitamin C. Tomato contains large amounts of Lycopene, an antioxidant highly effective in scavenging cancer causing free radicals. It reduces cholesterol and protects the heart. Research shows that it also counters the effect of Cigarette Smoke.

Method to Prepare : To make instant Tomato soup, just mix the contents of the sachet in water and boil it for two minutes. 

Price and Qty: Rs 40 for 40 gm 

My take on Tomato Soup by Vedantika Herbals:
Firstly I felt impressed with the choice of paper sachet by team Vedantika for packing the content unlike regular poly packings. The soup is in powder form, packaged in sachets precisely measured for each day’s personal needs. So it also offers convenience to carry. 

As I cut the seal of the sachet, I could smell a strong aroma of clove. The powder doesn't resemble like usual soup powders available in market, rather its a light colored powder looking at which initially you don't feel like getting that bright red colored soup preparation ;)   
But when I mixed the soup powder in water and stirred it properly while boiling on high flame, it came out really nice in color. In the first few sips, my taste buds didn't adjust the taste immediately. The soup tastes a bit tangier, but gradually I started liking the flavour of spices in it specially the taste of clove :) The soup didn't get thicker, so I liked its consistency too.

This soup is also suitable to people who are on weight reducing diets and is a great appetizer. In the first trial only, I have become a great liker of Vedantika's Instant Tomato Soup.

Uniqueness of Product - A Natural soup without any artificial fragrance, color or preservative. 

I strongly recommend everyone to taste it and I am sure you will forget your favourite ones ;)


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