Saturday 28 February 2015

Get A Better Car With Quikr NXT !

A feeling that I had been getting a lot lately was to replace my present car with a superior one. I wanted a sufficiently well-mannered car to be my perfect companion for everyday home-to-office commute. The reason because of which I wanted to upgrade my present car was to isolate myself from perennially bad roads and high-speed traffic sitting safe and secure enclosed in a thoroughly engineered car. But what always stopped me from taking an action for the same, was the little money that I had in my account that was inadequate to point my finger on a Brand New Car of my taste. My colleagues suggested me to try the True-Value Cars available at many certified dealers of used cars. That wasn't a bad idea, but my flexible (and late) working hours didn't allow me much time to visit any of the networks of such car-markets scrutinizing the appealing cars and making up my mind :( 

Overall, my plan of replacing my car kept getting delayed until one day when my son propounded me to consider Quikr for our mission of 'Car Upgradation'. Oh My Gosh! how could I forget my previous experiences with Quikr that always remained a satisfactory one, specially with the newly added QuikrNxt chat feature :) {read the detailed post on how QuikrNxt effortlessly thrills a buyer/seller in his venture}

As I mentioned about my busy schedule these days, this time I decided to download the Quikr app on my android based phone to go through some premium adverts as I wanted to utilize those short leisurely moments during work at office to find a car matching to the specifications of my dream car on my phone itself ;)
During my lunch hour at work, I logged in to the Quikr app, localized my location in Cars & Bikes Section. In no time, my eyes got struck on really maintained cars suitable to my budget. I left chat messages to the owners of cars that I liked the most via QuikrNxt regarding some negotiation of quoted prices or for requesting them for some more pics of car inside out like under the hood and boot as well as the pics of essential documents like battery warranty card, RC etc because I knew I need these pics to get the car approved from my darling hubby before purchase ;) I actually was expecting good response from sellers because I have been associated with Quikr since many months and believe in their credibility. Reaching home in the evening, the first thing that I did was to check my phone and was amazed to get replies from every single seller. After comparing the condition and price of shortlisted cars, me and hubby cracked a deal for a red colored Maruti Suzuki Dzire priced at Rs 3.15 lakhs and negotiated for around 10k in actual payment. My hubby was still keen to take a test drive to check the car controls and so texted our prospective seller if he has no objection for the same.The seller agreed without any hassles and invited us to his workplace for the trial with the car for complete satisfaction. After the test drive, we gave him the booking amount and promised to make final payment in next 2 days during delivery of car, since the seller was kind enough to get the car cleaned from a professional before handing in over :) 

Now it was our turn to be in the shoes of a and hubby decided to arrange for cash by selling our car via Quikr only because we both wanted to save on brokerage to be imparted to any agent and attract maximum amount of sale of our car to ourselves. And it could be possible via a trustworthy online classified portal like Quikr only. We clicked crisp pics of our car from different angles and highlighted all its fine details like mileage run by the car, ownership, original paint, insurance validity etc. with genuine price expected as compared to market price. Thanks to QuikrNxt, that I needed not to provide my personal contact number while posting this ad, so no compromise in privacy at all. There were numerous interested buyers, infact more than my expectations. It made me realize that there are people like me who are wise enough to access Quikr than straying in markets and wasting time ;) I was desperate to find someone who can immediately pay me a heavy packet of cash that I can directly pay to buy my new car without breaking any preterm fixed deposits from my bank. But hubby advised me to retain my patience as many of the buyers either don't follow up after initial enquiry or just keep asking irrelevant questions.. I was feeling so blessed to use QuikrNxt that there were no phone calls from such fake buyers and it kept my mental peace intact. After few interactions via textual chats of QuikrNxt, we managed to grab a great amount for our old, but adorable car that was sadly parting from us in the evening. The buyer paid some cash and for the balance gave us a crossed cheque at our residence and drove the car happily :) 
This was a really nostalgic moment to see this "SOLD" tag on my first ever car (similar to the one in the pic below.) 
But I was content to arrange most of the payment money for my new Swift Dzire, so again texted the seller whether we could take the car a bit early. The car service had got done by him, so he had no issues. And in the next 2 hrs or so, I was driving home my newly updated car Swift Dzire with my family.
See, how life has become a bed of roses when we have access to excellent services of thoughtfully designed Online Classified systems like QuikrNxt that exchanges old and new stuff for great money without making or receiving even a single phone call.

This post is written exclusively for Indiblogger's #IndiHappyHour #QuikrNxt campaign in association with Quikr.

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