Sunday 15 February 2015

Asus Zenfone Is My Only Superlative Valentine

Yeah, you might be expecting me to start my post with 'Love is in the air' quote as it revolves around ;Valentine', the day of love. But being single on Valentine Day is soooo depressing when your beloved is on a week-long official tour :(
Hey, but who said you can't make your day enjoyable by finding some dating love with someone else ;) ;) Actually this idea of making myself feel 'loved' clicked my mind when I came across an interesting clip that brought a biggg smile on my face and brightened my day :) 
A bit of self-love is ofcourse not harmful and adds spice to monotonous life. For a tech-savvy person like me, nothing better than a classy gadget can be my ultimate Valentine. With numerous hot gadgets overpowering the romantic gadget-freaks, I found Asus Zenfone most compatible to fall in love with <3
Keep reading to know what are my relationship prospects with Asus Zenfone !!
1. "Bubbling With Energy" is something that defines my personality. Asus Zenfone too is labelled as an Energy Efficient set powered by Intel Atom multicore processor antenna design capable to handle my never ending talk, exchange of SMS, streaming multimedia, uninterrupted presence on social medias, gaming activities without grumbling for battery backup due to its Ultra-Saving mode for longer hours than expected. Happy to find someone who doesn't get asleep already when I'm in the middle of my talk :)
2. I always wanted someone who can "Make Me Smile and Feel Beautiful" and Asus Zenfone does this to me effortlessly :) Zenfone with its Asus-developed PixelMaster technology gives me uncounted reasons to smile when I want to capture some wonderful moments in pics or clips. I pose & smile when a burst of 3 pics are taken in Selfie-mode and cannot help myself grin when a gentle touch in All Smiles mode shows my best expressions amongst 5 clicks. And then there are times when I don't look beautiful as always, but Zenfone hugs me with an assurance to produce flawless pics by real time adjustment of facial features and I feel proudly BEAUTIFUL to be in love with Asus Zenfone.
3. Feeling of Security is a must in every relationship and that is possible only when your partner is tougher. Zenfone's display is a securer one coated with Corning Gorilla Glass that densifies the display surface and enhances the scratch-resistance multiple times and reduces chances of getting cracked. And a anti-fingerprint coating ensures no defecating of the screen.Ultimately the longevity is improved for my companionship with Zenfone.
4. As a lover, I expect higher degree of Responsiveness from my beloved valentine. Asus Zenfone never failed to be receptive of what I wanted it do to by using its TOUCH SENSITIVE SCREEN and every time responded within best of response time as less as few microseconds. Now thats what can make a woman more than satisfied that her beloved values her wishes and takes it as a command :) 
5. Like all women, I want to hear something that is pleasure to my ears. Asus Zenfone sounds so soothing and pleasant to hear with crystal clear sound produced using SonicMaster. There is no external disturbance to interrupt our loving conversation because the set comes with two microphones adjusted to kill noise n echo. I feel all engrossed in true-to-life vocals.
Last but not the least, my passion for Asus Zenfone seems to last forever because its my ideal valentine that drives me so crazy that my pulse races out of control just at the thought of it.
I am indeed blessed to have found Asus Zenfone as my superlative Valentine that justifies in every sense for creating happiness in my life; be it beauty, sound, touch or power-packed actions :)
You can experience the love for yourself by ordering the Asus Zenfone on Flipkart here :)

This post is written for Indiblogger's #UnconditionalLove HappyHour acitivity in association with Asus India.

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