Thursday 19 February 2015

My Baby's Bedtime Rituals

Motherhood is a divine feeling composed of a spectrum of incomparable emotions. Every mother shares the strongest and most enjoyable bond with her child. Life changes completely when a woman has her baby. And this is the joy that can never come from materialistic things.
When I became a mother, I remained nervous n confused most of the time, thinking whether I am doing something right or wrong. The most worrisome situation was when my baby didn't sleep through the night. Though I myself didn't feel any problem baby nursing at night. Neither I felt like making a sacrifice having those sleepless night, but I was concerned to develop proper bedtime routine for him like most healthy babies do have. I was determined to find some good night sleep solutions for my child to make him sleep peacefully and finally in few weeks managed to set a sleep routine that is continued till date.
My child's bedtime routine is a short n simple one that works just the right for him... We start a bit early in the evening to have enough time to get through all the planned activities.
Light Meals before going to bed... I had set a fixed feeding time for my baby since very initial months of his birth and gradually stretched the time interval between his meals as he grew older. Even in his pre-schooling days now, he eats relatively less in the night. At least hunger has never become an interference in his peaceful sleep.
Half an hour playtime with some indoor props like puzzles, block building, hide n seek or similar ones entertains him and strengthens mom-child duo bond.
Night Bath & Massage The sleep-routine of my child doesn't restrict us only to the bedroom, but actually expands its reach to our washroom too. The moment my son is tired of day-long fun-packed activities in & out of house and is feeling low in energy, it calls for a soak-time. As true for most children, splashing some warm water all over the body during the night bath is a soothing experience for the child and is sleep-inducer too. I generally take fresh water for summers bath.
A diaper change is a must every night before making him put on a clean pair of funky printed comfortable pajama set which is actually a clear signal to him to slip in his bed.
I have always avoided 'middle-of-the-night' diaper change that can wake him up right. Rather I always relied on the trusted name in diapers i.e Pampers which tackles my concern efficiently. Infact, to all new moms, I would recommend easy-to-pull (up n down) Pampers Baby Dry Pants that is designed with Magic Gel technology to lock in the heaviest wetness instantly and ensure overnight dryness to your baby's skin, thereby providing fresher morning next day.
I love to sit along with my baby in his bed at the end of the day snuggling up with some story books to read. As the mood might change, then my boy likes keeping classic story books aside but does some coloring or drawing sitting near me.
Occasionally, he asks me for a brief gentle massage on his legs and I don't mind giving a magical touch to smoothen his delicate skin with a good quality non-aromatic baby lotion which tends to make my baby relax and sleep easily with a smile on his face :)
Frankly, I have never experimented with any music being played in the night, may be because my boy loves to hear me singing in my own voice touching his soul for a quiet deep slumber. 
Lastly, he drifts himself to dreamland while sharing a light hearted chat in my cozy hug after bidding goodnight to 'Chanda Mama' & reciting a small prayer to Almighty thanking Him for His blessings. A good night kiss on his forehead is my way to tell him how much he is loved :)
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  1. It seems to be a lot fun for your son before bed time, My daughter is around 3 years but unfortunately could not make any routine for her :(


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