Wednesday 25 February 2015

Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner Review

I would begin by saying I am quite careless to follow my CTM routine religiously. I mean, many a times I ignore one or the other of three constituents activities. Toning is what I skip most of the time and then it obviously shows on skin :(

Today, I am telling you my experience with a toner that has become my favourite in very few days of usage..I got Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner as a part of my complete body care kit sent by Eeshha Herbal.
Product Info:
Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner is specifically formulated to effectively reduce oil secretion and gently removes impurities, providing a cooling effect to the skin. It contains basil oil which has antibacterial properties that helps in keeping oil-free skin, controls acne and breakouts. It is a natural antiseptic which regulates oil secretions and perspiration and provide  hydrated toned and refreshed skin.
The toner is contained in clear see-through bottle. The bottle has a tight spill-proof flip open cap that avoids any chances of leakage of toner and makes it comfortable to carry even in your handbag.
Ingredients: Purified Water, Rose water distillate, honey, glycerin, date extract, cucumber extract, basil oil, menthol crystal, denatured alcohol. 
Price and Qty: Rs. 99 for 100 ml. 
Recommended for: Normal to Oily Skin.
How to apply: Apply gently with cotton pad on cleansed face and neck avoiding contact with eyes and mouth. Concentrate more on nose and chin areas.
My Experience with the product:
Even before application, what attracted me towards this toner initially was the Basil Oil as an active ingredient. Basil is being used for health and skin care since historic times and I personally use fresh Basil leaves in different ways. So noticing Basil Oil written on the bottle, I had high expectations from the product. The first sniff of the strong smell of the toner has been really discouraging for me. It actually didn't feel any pleasant. But like I sad, I like Basil based products, so I decided to use the product. The toner gave a sharp stingy feel on my skin and also irritated my skin in the first usage. I realized the toner on my cotton pad was in excess quantity, so taken a relatively less quantity for next usage. Ofcourse, the tingling sensation was still felt but was really tolerable. 
Though the toner is best recommended for Normal to Oily skin, but I absolutely had no issues on my dry facial skin after its application. The toner gently removed my makeup and traces of dirt n grime from my skin. The tired and puffy look on my face after day long work was promptly calmed. I was more than satisfied with the product effects because unlike most products, this toner didn't require me wearing a layer of moisturizer.
The toner efficiently restores and maintains the desired pH balance of the skin that is usually disturbed due to various factors. With consistent use of Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner, the reduction in pore size and tightening of skin cells is effortlessly achieved that ultimately reduces the impurities to enter the skin.
The basil oil used in the toner makes it the best choice to treat skin irritation or skin infection, so I am going to keep the toner handy as an antiseptic specially for my child. 

Finest Ingredients.
Pocket friendly price.
Easy to carry.
Sturdy packaging.
Doesn't cause skin dryness. 
Anti-allergic, antiseptic properties.
Detoxifies the skin effectively.

Strong Smell should be made milder.
Needs to be diluted to reduce sensation on skin.

Overall Opinion:
Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner is a must-try skin toning product for handling most skin issues effectively.


  1. Looks like a good one. I tried their rose water toner and quite liked it

    1. Its one of the best product from their range Fatima, and it doesn't pinch to buy both the variants as they are much less in cost than most of the toners i have ever used.

  2. Thank you for this review - lovely detailed pics that show this products is paraben free - Will be trying this based on your review

    1. I am sure you would also find it effective :)

  3. Thanks for this review, I need to try it as I always love products with natural ingredients.


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