Tuesday 17 February 2015

Raho Befikar Umar Bhar With IDBI Federal Life Insurance

In answer to a question that I asked from myself today "What would I be doing and how would I be living, if there is nothing to hold me back...", I could record a number of life scenarios. These are the life scenarios where one or the other resource was lacking and stopped me from making my life fulfilling to certain extent.
When I watched the elderly person in this IDBI Federal Life Insurance advert, I knew how important is that to be financially secure to realize your dreams into reality and remain #BefikarUmarBhar.
There are some unrealized dreams that I would love to clinch if there is no constraint...

Firstly, I want to restore my educational and professional state. Like all parents, my parents also wanted my education to be free of all kinds of hiccups. Everything worked fine other than cash-crunch :( Inspite of being a brilliant student, I could not go that extra mile and completed my Masters degree coping with utmost financial problems. 
I would feel blissful to paddle back to repair my disfigured education and thereby strengthen my career aspects to grab brighter avenues.
Secondly, I would love to spend lavishly for self-care & health care without worrying for limited money in my wallet. Always keeping a careful eye on my own expenditure, the first thing that I found irrelevant to spend on is my personal grooming and health care. (I know most of you will find it really foolish of me.)
So given access to unlimited funds, I wish to put a check on the my frequent health issues and ultimately want to ensure sound health by undergoing regular medical care sessions at reputed medical institutes of the town.
Next important thing that comes to my mind is being a proud owner of own house. I have experienced (and infact still experiencing) the worrisome situations when you need to roll on the bag-baggage and seek another apartment within allotted time frame :( 
I genuinely long for more stability and security of staying at one place i.e at my own house raising my family without any insecurities. If I am richer by that amount to jump out of lifetime-rented-accommodation situation, I believe my stress level will dip considerably.
Yet another dream that is still unrealized is to kick away all the worries and prioritize pleasure in life. I am dreaming of indulging in leisurely and adventurous activities over to European destinations. How exciting will that be to bring out some passion to life and discover our planet with eyes wide opened :) I genuinely wish to see massive smiles on the faces of my family members when we all feel dazzled by beauty of the world around.
Last but not the least, the one thing for which I can even forego everything mentioned above in my wishlist, is to procure a seat for my son's higher education in some foreign university where he can specialize in Automobile Design. Because if he will pursue his passion with real zest and will get bonafide guidance, he is destined to a successful life and will remain #BefikarUmarBhar. 
IDBI Federal Life Insurance can definitely help me grow with my dreams with its promising plans. And if you too need reasons to make your choices, look for some convincing reasons here.
This post is written for Indiblogger's #BefikarUmarBhar HappyHour campaign in association with IDBI Federal Life Insurance.

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  1. Planning is quite important in life.
    And when we talk about financial then it is quite necessary because money is our mode of livelihood so we need plan it nicely so that we can jiyobefikar

  2. Very Nice article. Hope you will be able to fulfill all your desires.


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