Sunday 1 February 2015

Quikr Nxt : No Fikar, Chat Quikr

My association with Quikr is no longer a newly discovered acquaintance. Living in a rented accommodation creates number of reasons for me to buy and sell my household stuff. Those who are still unaware what Quikr is all about and how it helped me, let me introduce to you the most reliable online classified website operating in India :)

About Quikr:
Quikr is an online classfied platform created with a vision to 'Meet Online, Transact Offline'...which means the people all around the country who wish to buy or sell the products or services can list out their quotations on Quikr under suitable categories and can avail the facility of hassle-free sale or purchase transaction after meeting in person. Isn't it amazing??

My Experience with Quikr:
As mentioned above, there have been occasions when I needed to sell off my used, old stuff just because I wasn't able to take it along while shifting from one place to another, or may be because something didn't fit in the limited space available and so on...I always trusted on Quikr's fair price transactions. 

I had similar pleasant experience while buying the useful goods suited to my needs at pocket-friendly prices. There has been NO bitter moment I faced in Quikr trading till date.. Infact you may read one of my Quikr experience that I had few months ago :)

Recently, I accessed Quikr to post yet another advertisement to sell off one of my old table and a banner caught my attention saying 'TALK TO BUYERS WITHOUT ANSWERING CALLS'. But obvious, I clicked on the ad to check out the details. 

I just jumped with joy to see that Quikr had rolled out all new Chat feature 'Quikr Nxt' to make interaction between buyer n seller a more convenient one. Quikr Nxt can not only be used on your desktop or laptop, but is compatible to your mobile phones also.
I was super duper happy because during my previous transactions, I had desperately felt the need of live chat which is more preferred option for me than talking over phone, here is Why??

1. Non- Invasive:
Posting an ad on Quikr earlier required sharing mobile number and email address along with the product description. At times, the prospective buyers or sellers do make a call at unusual timings which is an intrusion into one's privacy. I remember myself contacting a lady for buying ethnic wear for myself, but the deal could not be cracked due to time constraint. But the lady saved my contact number and occasionally kept flooding my phone with a series of pics on whatsapp until I politely requested her to stop all this.

Now with Quikr Nxt, I can prevent myself being bombarded with numerous email or phone calls, and can also safeguard my privacy by opting for 'private listing' via not sharing my personal mobile number and still be able to communicate + negotiate with random people interested in a transaction using Quikr Id.
2. Real Time Comparisons & Quick Decision Making:
Few of my previous transactions could not be completed due to delay in receiving the requested information from other party. Like when I requested a seller to send me some more pics of the product before I could make a purchase, the seller didn't respond for many days due to certain reason and later I could not afford to buy that product.

Now Quikr Nxt considerably expedites the decision making process by reducing the transaction time. Because during the REAL TIME chat with the seller, I can ask for more clearer images of the product from different angles or can even ask to show me the procedure to use a product in form of a recorded video clip. That simply means, I can take a decision then n there whether to say Yes or No for the specific transaction.
Not only that, now I can make a simultaneous comparison among the quoted prices of similar products being sold by multiple sellers by chatting with 'n' number of people via Parallel Chat Sessions. 
3. Chat History & Offline Notifications:
An interesting fact during buying n selling on online classified website is that you tend to forget what price you quoted to someone while negotiating ;) Now Quikr Nxt keeps a track of every single conversation in saved chat histories for future references.
The concerned person also receives offline notification so that he/she gets to resume the talk as soon as he appears online.

Undoubtedly, Quikr Nxt is the next big thing in online buying and selling :)

This post is written for Indiblogger #QuikrNXT HappyHours campaign in association with Quikr. 


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