Tuesday 24 February 2015

Rang Tarang Contest by Vedantika Herbals (closed)

Hello All,
Holi is one of the most favourite festivals of children as well as grown ups. Every year this festival leaves some unforgettable memories in our lives. And this is what we are going to share in this Rang Tarang Contest. 
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   Contest Rules: 
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  • Post a Holi Memory in the comment section of this post; be it humorous, inspiring, emotional or crazy. We want to read each of those. (Originality and authenticity would be appreciated) 
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  • The giveaway duration : 24.02.2015 - 01.03.2015 (till 8:00 am)
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  • Contest open to all male or female residents of India above the age of 18.
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  1. #RangTarangContest My last year holi memory was marvelous with my family and frds and enjoying all the time freak out !

  2. #RangTarangContestI am about to reveal how me and my friends celebrated holi( for those who don’t know what holi is, its a day when people throw color water/powder on each other for reasons i don’t exactly know) that led to some things that changed our life’s for ever, i can say it changed mine.

    I was like all teenagers in the process of getting a B.tech degree for reasons i don’t want to say. It was the final semester our batch decided to leave behind a very big(i would say huge) mark so that our successors and the authorities would remember us for years to come. People around me began to change as our final days of collage were going to end, the only reason i could think of was that most of them feared that they would not have those fabulous memories about collage that we have read/heard so much about. As a loyal friend, i decided to help them in what ever way they need me to even though i knew that most of the plans to make those fabulous memories were just plain stupid and it was enough to get me expelled.

  3. #RangTarangContest my most memorable holi was when i was enjoying holi with my frnz n relatives,just then a splash of colour entered my eyes.i became very upset n uneasy as it was very irritating to my eyes.i was helpless.a handsome boy who was watching the entire scene,rushed n comforted me.he took out his hankerchief n helped me to clean my eyes.he soothed my eyes with water n his gentle touch.i was impressed bcoz of his caring nature.on the festival of colours,i was coloured in his love(USKE PYAAR MAI RUNG GAYI).WE BECAME GOOD FRIENDS N LATER OF PARTNERS FOREVER :)

  4. #RangTarangContest Alive n Kicking Vedantika Herbals Holi is the day to express love with colors. It is a time to show affection. All the colors that are on you are of love!

  5. #RangTarangContest Holi is one of the Favourite colourful festival in india..I never played Holi..i think i was the only kid at home who never played HOLI till 2013...But from that year everything changed bcoz of my wouldbe..Well what to say He caught me while i was hiding under the bed Lol..couldnt help..hahahha From then i started playing Holi crazily along with my Family Members..even they are happy...I felt like i missed the most beautiful moments in my life with my family..
    Thanks a lot for bringing my memories back....

  6. My most memorable Holi was last year because my daughter came to visit me after nearly 6 years of living abroad....since 5 years she couldn't come here due to Visa reason...she even got married in US as she was not allowed to go out of America due to her visa problem....she was due to visit us in Diwali but due to work she couldn't....so finally she landed up in Pune without telling me and gave me the biggest surprise on Holi....

  7. HOLI is one of my Fav Festival...From my childhood i never ever missed playing holi...Holi is a Colourful festival that brings colorful joy to everyone...friends,relatives and neighbours everyone gets indulged into it...i think this is only festival we all get together and enjoy to the core...bcoz now a days technology has changed..everyone are busy with their lives..no has time even to meet each other...But HOLI brings everyone together...I love HOLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII...

  8. Holi has been one of my favorite festivals since childhood. Playing Holi with my friends from my building after coming back from school is one of my favourite childhood Holi memories. Preparations for the festival would start at least a week before

  9. #RangTarangContest
    trees smile with their sprout
    of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
    Eternal nature with its transient expressions
    Hails spring with ecstasy and joy!
    Bewildering shades with so many tinge.
    The land of beauty and greatness,
    India, witnessing color of happiness and peace
    Nation come alive to enjoy the spirit
    A celebration of color- Holi!
    An experience of content, harmony and delight. Holi is all about Sharing caring and colours with family n loved ones.

  10. #RangTarangContest It was my first holi after my marriage and they is ritual that first festival hubby should celebrate in wife home. So we celebrated in our home.
    my brother and sister are funniest creature in the world, they have colour my hubby in their own colour means lots of fun,dancing and naughtiness . In a little while it is difficult to recognize my hubby and my brother.
    two incident occur on the same day, my mom thought my brother is standing and asking him to be polite and humble to jiju(my hubby) and give these gujiya to jiju in a mean while My hubby landed upstair and mom got confuse who is My hubby and who is my brother. the environment turn into laughter ground.
    second My hubby make a thandai consist of bhang and gave to my mom and dad , ohh god My mom and dad does not know about it and start doing crazy things. My papa is fond of hindi movies . he started giving hindi dialouges deliver "gaon walo ,yeh jo mausi hai na"
    and mom go on dancing and laughing . It become very difficult to handle them. finally when all settle.
    We finally have a funny,naughty Holi - "HAPPY HOLI"

  11. #RangTarangContest I remembered those days when i was living in hostel. My room partner crazy for holi , before a day she planned what to do & how she will coloured all. I dont like colors & dont like to play holi. In hostel there is general bathrooms with short partition wall. I was in bathroom n take bath. But my room partner goes into next bathroom, stand on table and poured color on me.She laughing outside & told me that don’t take bath , we will colored you again. Than i come outside and enjoy holi with friends.

  12. #RangTarangContest Since childhood i was afraid of Holi and its colours, i found it scary throwing colours and using force to colour everyone around you whether they want to play or not. So its a kind of hate story specially for this festival. But after marriage, on my first holi, my hubby and his cousins came to play with me. Initially i was hesitating but later i enjoyed it soo much that i cant explain. I would say this was the first holi of my life where i used colours. Somethings can never be explained but experienced only when you indulge yourself into it. Now Holi is my fav festival just like Diwali. Afterall festivals are the best days to meet everyone and enjoy with everyone

  13. My entry for #RangTarangContest Contest

    The holi memory that I am sharing here is not a funny moment to recall, but can give a meaningful msg to everyone who reads it. Years back, no body was much bothered to use good quality colors on Holi, but people used to mix different harmful materials to bring desired color in gulals etc. During one of the Holi celebration, the neighbouring boys smeared one of their friend with a black colored liquid with an intention to retain him stained with that color for longer time period. But in the process of rubbing the color on his face forcefully, that liquid entered into one of his eye also and started shouting with unbearable pain. The victim boy had to be hospitalized immediately but he could not get treatment timely due to non-availability of concerned doctors. Till the time, he could get the required medical help, he had lost his eye-sight partially :( That incident gives me a scary feeling whenever I recall him on the occasion of Holi.
    I wish whoever gets to read this incident might learn a lesson to use safe, chemical free colors and don't become guilty of somebody's lifetime loss.

    Shared: https://www.facebook.com/shaweta.jain.7/posts/734361009995628?pnref=story

    Shaweta Jain.

  14. I remember the incident from my school days when our final exams were going on and it was the last exam. We were coming back from school after exam and there were just 2 days left for holi.As we were coming back from the school as we lived nearby our school,we noticed our class mates(boys) were roaming on there bikes in the streets. Although they were our friends but we were still afraid bcoz none of us like to play with colours. They came near us and asked if we were comfortable in playing holi with them but we refused to do so. They insisted and said that if we still refused they will deliberatly pour colour and water on us. One of our friends make a plan. She said that we will be playing holi but after putting our bags at home. Boys agreed on that and we were given a chance to put our bags at home. When asked about the plan on way back my friend replied that instead of fear we should play and drown the boys. We three agreed to do so. After putting our bags at one of our friends home we borrowed some colors and balloons from my friend's sibling. We planned that one of our friends will keep all balloons and colors with her and rest two will engage boys in talks.We executed the plan and when the boys prepared to drown us our friend started throwing balloons on them. Mean while my friends sibling also came there and he too started helping us. That was the most funny or i can say memorable incident of my school days which i love to recall even after sooo many years

  15. Hi
    Thanks for holi contest
    AS a kid i used to play holi with full heart with my colours n squirt(pichkari) My fav memory is wen one of my friends refused to come out to play with us n we fooled her by saying dat my mom is unwell n we need to call her mom to my home to see wat happened to her . She got in our trap n we made her wet fulll of colours with our squirts n bucket of waters lol that was wen we were still in school
    Sugandha dixit

  16. Shared link https://www.facebook.com/urmila.mittal.758/posts/677015752444605?pnref=story


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