Wednesday 28 January 2015

Soap Opera Frangipani and Cinnamon Soap Review


Soap Opera, under the brand name of Puresense, is crafting premium body care products like soaps, body washes, shampoos, body mists. I have been using some these products for last few days and also written reviews here and here.

Today I am writing for two of the soaps from the Soap Opera's product range...the Frangipani Soap and the Cinnamon Soap. Both the soaps come wrapped in a thin transparent sheet which is encased in a cardboard packaging similar to the full-sized soap bars. The sample soap bars received by me are of 30 gm each and can be really useful as testers to help you decide if you want to place an order for specific soap after the first time usage.

Frangipani Soap:

This one is a sweet smelling soap of Floral variants by Soap Opera.

 The Soap bar is white in color that has deep crimson yellowish chunks embedded in it.  Like all other soap bars of Soap Opera, this one is also an Oilve Oil rich bathing bar with richness of moisturizing properties.
I smell very distinctive scent in this soap. The soap bar is very mild but originates decent creamy lather.  The li'l bar can last around 8-10 days easily. Its full sized packing of 100 gms is available at Rs 85/- only.

Cinnamon Soap

Cinnamon is one of the strongest aromatic spice which reserves its place in every kitchen. But have you tried this aroma in your bathing essentials ever?? Soap Opera offers fabulous bathing bars in its Spicy variants and Cinnamon bar is one of them. 
The Cinnamon Soap is again blended with finest natural ingredients other than Olive Oil which provide the complete care to skin. Since cinnamon is known for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties, my hubby experimented to use it as shaving bar and liked it that way also. It may not be true for everyone.
I liked the shades of brown smudged on the soap very beautifully. The smell of the soap doesn't linger on too long. So I found the soap suitable for people who don't want to smell like a spice ;) The skin feels deeply cleansed and hydrated that enlivens my senses after shower using this soap. But as per the moisturization requirement of my skin in this winter season, I had to apply body lotion afterwards.

I am sure bathing with Cinnamon soap eradicates germs from top surface of our skin, so the children can also use this soap while bathing after play time to remove dirt n dust from their skin.

Overall Opinion on Soap Opera Soaps
All the exotic soap bars are free of sulphates, parabens, formaldehydes and are totally non-toxic. Every soap bar is enriched with one or the other beneficial characteristic due to all-natural essential oils suited for whole family.
So I will remain dedicated to these natural soap in future to make my skin feel pampered. Do try these chemical-free soaps and stay happy within the skin you are in :)


  1. Frangipani soap - Tried buying this after reading your review but it's all sold out on Amazon

  2. Nice review, One thing I like about this blog is most of the reviews are of natural products, so now I buy most of the products just based on your recommendation.


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