Monday 5 January 2015

Valentine Romance My Way

 "I'm not an actor, I'm not a star. And I don't even have my own car. 
But I'm hoping so much you'll stay. That you will love me anyway."

He sang this lovely song for me in 2002 on Valentine's Day and gave me a piece of paper with a couple picture drawn on it with cute stick figures. The sparkle in his eyes waited for my YES and I was moved by his innocence..The Cupid's arrow pierced my heart even deeper when I read this poem he had composed for me ~~
The love he showered me on that Valentine's Day 12 yrs back is still being sprinkled on me with utmost care bcz I could not afford to miss breathing in so much of true love to live happily with him...and that 'special' person became the 'most important' person in my life as we tied a knot in 2005. Since then, no day had been less than a Valentine’s Day for us that brings along an undeniable feeling of love inspite of the silly fights we have on stupid issues ;) But having that someone special by my side who takes care of my every whim and fancy is truly a dream realized with God's grace..

Our Valentine's celebration completely avoids the plasticky, artificial feel of pretending like teenaged love birds bcz no added pleasure can be experienced by spending beyond our limits on one specific day; but definitely I would keep my thoughts centered upon those things to make my soulmate's memories to be sweeter and longer-lasting this year too...

I am eager to accompany my man to a less-visited serene yet lovey-dovey exotic location away from home (and ofcourse office) to discover a new element to our relationship.... where I want to wake him up with the sight of me standing in front of his bed with a bouquet of Yellow n Red Roses and a handwritten love-note with those touchy couplet composed by me that is bound to make his heart melt and earn me a 'kiss-of-love' to begin the day on a sweeter note ;) And hey! my man is a foodie to the core and so every meal of the day MUST be nothing, but the best from his favourite food list...Though we enjoy cooking together at home when he gets some leisurely moments, but frankly I don't want to involve any of us in cooking on V'Day rather I am planning getting the PERSONALIZED food prepared at the place we are enjoying our day with certain modifications suggested by me to the original recipe to fill his day as well as his tummy  with delight ;) :P

Now for getting ready for some scenic outing at the romantic destination, I will not miss the opportunity to reveal how I would look like in a bit tempting attire of his choice to get my guy in the mood ;) We may not gaze at each other for hours, but would catch up with light conversation to fill up the silence between us because the day of love is incomplete without expressing the deep feelings of affection that we hold for each other....

I know it would sound idiotic to you, but I won't buy any surprise gift for my beloved hubby... hmmm the surprise gifts usually create quarrelsome situations when he doesn't like using the gift I give. Though I know his likes n dislikes exactly, but would prefer taking him along to the multiproduct store to buy a gift that his heart smile on, else it can be a better idea to explore some exclusive V'Day gifting guide at online shopping destinations like Baggout.Needless to say, I may even cut out some expense this way without messing up the celebration :) A cozy cuddly hug in his arms to re-live the tale of our romance will recreate the moments that made me fall in love with him..

True Love needs no hugs, kisses or winks,
When our hearts beat in perfect sync :)
I wish to conclude the day of love with a promise to zest up each other's life with countless reasons to add bright sunshine to our steadfast n meaningful relationship. Ameen!!

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