Thursday 22 January 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug on Chandigarh Darshan

Recently I came across TOI's social campaign 'The Great Indian Litterbug'.
I just went through the interesting posts on the link that evoked my feelings for the cause. Like most of us, I am no exception to criticize of unhygienic surroundings in day to day life when I come across litter being thrown here n there, but the 'The Great Indian Litterbug' campaign made me question my own role in creating similar conditions. The thought-provoking message is being spread in the most viable manner to make general public relate to it. Atleast, it made me feel conscientious for being a guilty at one or the other moment in my life. So today I am geared up to bring forward my edition of 'The Great Indian Litterbug on Chandigarh Darshan' ...

Tower On Flower
The Rose festival is one of the prime event of Chandigarh every year. Lakhs of visitors including myself await to be a part of the mesmerizing showcase of variety of roses at Rose Garden. The tall masculine-built fellow enjoying sunny day reaches carrying his backpack packed with dozens of bananas, multiple soy-milk cartons. Seems like a big  gym freak, following strict diet instructions of his instructor ;) Despite being threatened by the gardeners, carelessly tramples the flower beds just because he can enjoy better sunlight at certain place n frowns at the gardener littering the garden with banana peels n empty cartons turning the sweet fragrance of roses into delectable fruity aroma.

When I am not able to bear the scenario, I stand up from there and walk onwards to enjoy the pleasant weather and colorful bounty of roses. My son is full of curious questions about names, colors n sizes of the lovely flowers which are enveloping us in a heavenly feel; when the little boy suddenly slips over a disposable plate lying nearby. As I tur around, it is more of a jaw dropping scene :/

Cheesy Teasy
 A family having gala time celebrating their baby's birthday with their friends or relatives. The eatables being served generously to each of them in larger portions. Most of them unable to finish their snacks are just placing the left-over stuff very decently with a smile on the faces, and giving an open invitation to crows ;) The paper plates, water bottles, crumpled napkins instantly become the deserving center-of-attraction for all. And why not, we are sophisticated enough ...

Moving ahead with a sorry note, I am about to sit down on a marbled bench to relax myself; when I realize myself stepping on something unusual...

Crunchy Munchy
My foot gets rooted in a virtual sea of neatly spilled peanuts. With strange expressions on my face I look around. A group of teenager boys winking at each other and giving a mysterious look to me. Worse than that, I feel heart-broken to see the bits n pieces of paper, polythene bags n other trash material carelessly tossed between the beautifully-laid flowerbeds.   

The litterbugs are not micro-bugs hidden secretly, rather they are seen with bare eyes. Where did you find them..tell me na !!

This post is written for Indiblogger's 'The Great Indian Litterbug' HappyHour activity in association with Times of India.

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