Wednesday 21 January 2015

Puresense Sleep Inducer Review

My Facebook followers might have seen the lovely sample products sent to me by Puresense few weeks ago. I reviewed one of the products here earlier while sharing the hamper pic. I am reviewing an unusual yet wonderful product in today's post i.e. the Puresense Sleep Inducer.

Hey, don't presume this product being suitable for insomniacs ;) As claimed by the brand, the Sleep Inducer is a non-toxic & aromatic blend of Rosemary, Lavender and Bergamot that is formulated to improve the quality of your sleep with regular use. The magical mix of these ingredients calms your stressed mind and induces sleep.

The sample pack of Sleep Inducer that I received is a transparent spritz bottle of 10ml filled with the colorless liquid of watery consistency in it. The bottle's tip is covered with a tight transparent cap too, that doesn't let the liquid leak out.

The liquid comes out with 2-3 effortless pushes after removing the cap.
My experience:
I have a tendency to sleep quite late at night for last many years. And being employed on a full-time job doesn't allow me to get up late in the morning. So I usually get to sleep around 5-6 hrs max. Now the another worry-some fact is that the quality of my sleep is damn poor.  And it makes me feel drowsy the very next day.

To test the effect of this sleep inducer on me, I sprinkled its few drops on my pulse point & also gave few spritz to my pillowcover on both side of my head after I switched off the lights for night sleep. The moment I inhaled the mild fragrance of Puresense Sleep Inducer, I could deeply breath with relaxation.
During a regular usage of around a week or more, the sleep inducing scent had left amazing psychological effect on my sleep, because I knew that certain fragrances like Lavender, chamomile etc. correct the lack/disorder of sleep at the back of brain and invite tight sleep. I am willing to continue it for some more days, so that this sleeping aid can help me enjoy sound sleep with a peaceful balance of my mind for whatever time I get to sleep.

P.S. I am planning to test this spray as a daily wear therapeutic fragrance with a hope to keep my mind in a calm state throughout the day. Also feeling like putting its few drops to my diffuser and make the aromatic ambiance in my bedroom (though I don't know if it will work or not) ;)

  • Pocket friendly price.
  • Non-toxic formulation.
  • Caused no skin irritation.  Soothing mild fragrance.
  • Fragrance lasts longer enough on me.
  • Leak-proof packaging.
  • Calms the stressed brain with regular usage.
  • Easy Availability at many web portals.

  • Absolutely Nothing.

If you feel you need to avoid medication for sleep disorder, then u can buy the full sized bottle of 100 ml for Rs 375 only here.


  1. am happy you found this useful

  2. will go in for this
    me too looking for natural sleep enhancer rather than medications , etc as I have minor difficulty getting sleep
    will let you know how I found this product

    1. I will be eager to know how it worked for u :)


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