Monday 5 January 2015

One Year of Blogging

Alive n Kicking turned 1 today, though I still feel I am taking my first baby steps into the blogging world :) This day marked the conception of the idea that I can write too. This journey got me acquainted me with loads of people who are always ready to answer my queries n clear my doubts. I feel humbled to have them as my mentors And the ones who are equally important to me are my lovely readers who appreciate me in many ways in my venture.

Thank you everyone from the core of my heart for keeping me Alive and helping me Kick away the troubles ...

Oops!! how can i forget to tell you about the celebration I'm planning for you all ...ummm, but wait for next few days for a GRAND CELEBRATION ANNOUNCEMENT :)

Till then keep guessing what can it be and don't forget to shout out loud to call ur family n friends on my blog


  1. Congratulations and I wish I always congrats you on your every Blog Anniversary

    1. I am humbled to have such loyal readers on my blog dear :)

  2. Hope you have many more !!!!


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