Thursday 29 January 2015

Navarasas Stress Relief Body Wash Review

Stress is something that everyone is dealing with in day to day life... some of us prefer meditating and others believe in yoga, but lazy me look for easy yet instant remedies to unwind. Getting to know that a body wash can do wonders in relieving one's stress is something I was skeptical to believe until I tried Navarasas Stress Relief Body Wash.
Product Claims:
Navarasas Stress Relief Body Wash is one of the luxurious creation infused with Grapefruit, Spearmint and Eucalyptus packaged in a shower gel by Ms. Nikki. A combination that has been brewed claims to relieve stress and leave your body feel fresh.
How to Use it:
Apply this body wash ontoyour damp skin during a shower and rinse off well. You can use it in a relaxing bubble bath by adding required quantity in running water. It is advised to use it in sync with Stress Relief scrub and body butter for optimum results.
Price & Packaging :
The body wash is packed in a simple sturdy transparent plastic bottle with flip-open screw cap tight enough to make the bottle leak-proof. I received the sample pack of 30 ml. But the full size bottle of 200 ml can be purchased at a cost of Rs 399

My Experience:

In the first glimpse of the body wash, I appreciated the packaging which has been kept very uncomplicated and effortless. Though I needed to press the bottle a bit harder to eject few drops on my palm. The body wash is a very pale yellow liquid with moderately thick consistency... not as runny as water, but flows quicker.
An aromatic journey started with a stronger delightful scent being inhaled by me during hot water bath. The reviving aroma actually cleared my breath as I whiffed the liquid on my palm most probably due to presence of Eucalyptus & Spearmint loaded with decongestant properties. I absolutely loved how this body wash easily spreads on damp skin either with a loofah or with hands. The body wash is indeed a fast foaming gel that made my skin feel softened after usage and instantly kicked my senses because of its beneficial natural ingredients. And why not!! Navarasas by Nikki has got brilliance to blend essential oils so tactfully that it miraculously rejuvenates me whatever product I use from their collection. 

During summers, I don't think I would need to moisturize my skin after bathing with this body wash as it is enriched with gentle skin conditioners. But in this winter season, I followed by applying a layer of the lavender body butter for deeper hydration which had a stimulant action on the mind.
  • Excellent Ingredients.
  • Authentic Preparation Without Chemicals
  • Travel Friendly Packaging.
  • Cool, Refreshing Fragrance.
  • Calming Effect on Mood and Mind.
  • Cleanses and hydrates the skin gently.
  • Not overly Expensive. (if you glance at the natural things gone into it)

  • The bottle is made up of more of robust plastic that needs to be pressed hard.

All in all, adding Navarasas Stress Relief Body Wash in your daily bathing ritual will not only promote your skin's health, but will also wash off your stress caused by any reasons. I have been using this 30 ml content in almost 7-8 showers, which is pretty admirable.


  1. Nice review. I could not dare buy Navrasasas product till now due to cost factor, but I can consider buying now

  2. Osm product and nicely reviewed


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