Tuesday 20 January 2015

All Good Scents SCENTBOX™ Review

Who doesn't like to stay fragrant n fresh all the day long? I love buying scents, perfumes n all other kinds of fragrances for myself and for gifting purposes. But every time I stand on a perfume counter interested in trying something new, I am confused after testing 2 or 3 of the fragrances that mix up on my wrist and I end up buying the tried-n-tested one bcz I am unable to choose the one I liked the most among all. Does it happen with you also?? How does it sound like if we can get to try some fragrances one after the another with a gap of some time and then decide what exactly to buy...

All Good Scents gives you this facility to choose from their lovely fragrances after testing your preferred scents in form of a SCENTBOX™.

SCENTBOX™ is a packaging of 3 exciting fragrance testers that is customized as per your choice. Each tester fragrance contains 2ml of quantity and is priced at Rs 55. That means your SCENTBOX™ is delivered to your doorstep at just Rs 165. 
Not only that, but when you order a SCENTBOX™, you receive a special promo code to avail discount while buying your favourite perfume in the next order :)
About the Brand:
All Good Scents masters in creating the right blend of three fragrance note scales.
 The top notes of a fragrance are generally recognized immediately upon application of the perfume & are the lightest of all the notes.  The heart notes make an appearance once the top notes evaporate. The base notes are the final fragrance notes that appear once the top & heart notes have evaporated.

The SCENTBOX™ is a triangular shaped cardboard box. The box shape and the brand logo is inspired from The Perfume Pyramid, as shown in pic above.

I received the SCENTBOX™ containing Radiant, Lolette, , Smooth fragrances.The Radiant and Lolette is from HER collection and Smooth is from HIM collection of fragrances of AllGoodScents.com
Before I could try these cute li'l babies, my hubby quickly grabbed the pack from my hand and sprinkled SMOOTH fragrance on him saying "dear, its meant for HIM (MEN), so let me give you my feedback on it." ;) The Smooth has top notes of somewhat fruity mix of Thyme, Bergamot, Lemon that one experiences in the initial whiff. The heart notes of Ozone, Cloves, Nutmeg are on a spicy note that trigger your senses instantly. And the base notes are musky Balsam Fir, Sandalwood, White Musk that lasts after 6-8 hours as per my hubby's verdict. The full size packaging of 50 ml is priced at Rs 750. You can buy it here.

 I was excited to pick one fragrance for me too and I sprayed Lolette on me coz it impressed me with its lovely girly purple packaging first of all. Among the fruity Top Notes of Coconut, Plum, Apricot; the most prominent one was the Coconut in the first sniff I had. The heart notes include Tuberose, Pimento, Jasmine Sambac and the base Notes are including  Vanilla, Rose, Jacaranda Wood. This particular fragrance feels so sensual n flirty at the same time and impresses me with its longevity. I genuinely could smell it till the next morning on myself. The admirers of stronger notes MUST give it a try on my recommendation. Its one of the most uplifting fragrance I have ever used. The MRP for a full sized bottle of 50ml is Rs.1200/- You can buy it here.

The RADIANT is again meant for females. The RADIANT fragrances has Hawthorn, Powdery, Lipstick as top notes; the Violet Blossoms, Jasmine, Rose as the heart notes and the Vanilla, Oppoponax, White Musk as the base notes. The subtle, soothing Radiant perfume reminds me of something feminine. The soft vanilla is among my usual favourites so I loved this one too. The MRP for a full sized bottle of 50ml is Rs.750. You can buy it here.
Overall, I am all the way happy to have this SCENTBOX™ delivered to me. Each of the fragrance tester of 2 ml each easily lasts for 5-7 sprays and helps to make up your mind what fragrance to order. 
So choose the right perfume best suited to your personality to exemplify your Signature Style to the world !!


  1. Same pinch Shilpa.!! The same thing happens with me..
    Even I'm planning to get this scent box..

  2. you should go for it Fatima. They have wide choices of fragrances

  3. thanks for sharing awesome reviews. shilpa

  4. I have tried their perfumes 'Rockstar' and 'Urban Night'....Loved them both... :)

    1. thats cool Neha. I would love to try them next time :) Thanks for your feedback dear

  5. Hope you are finding them informative Salma :)

  6. will be trying this out based on your review

  7. Thanks for sharing osm review shilpa


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