Thursday 1 January 2015

Cloe Lingerie Review

Buying lingerie online might not be as convincing thought for many of you for your apprehensions regarding improper fit, size, quality, fabric, durability, easy care etc. But I find it is much much better to shop for lingerie ONLINE specially for those women who feel shy standing at a local shop counter hesitantly asking the male shopkeeper for their kind of innerwear. Infact the online websites offers greater choices that are generally not easily found elsewhere.

Today I'll share my experience with a reputed lingerie brand Cloe that saves you from the embarrassment of boring, unicolor, ill-fitted lingerie rather blesses you with comfy, colorful and appropriate sized lingerie that fits you like your second skin :)

Cloe collection presents widest range of Bras, Briefs, Nightwears, Shapewears, Garters, and Accessories in finest quality which gives a really pleasant shopping experience to its customers and can definitely match every naughty or nice mood of yours... I think this is the reason that Cloe's website refers its URL as
 I got to receive a li'l packet from Cloe few days ago. The packet contained a set of two briefs, one in pink and another in black color. Both the colors suit my choice. 
Both the briefs came individually packed in transparent polypacks with the Cloe logo on it. The first touch of the briefs itself impressed me with their fabric quality first of all that gave me a promise of comfortable feel to my skin. Because I am of the opinion not to compromise in comfort over style. But hats off to the Cloe innerwears that maintain a perfect balance between the two. 
The closer look at the briefs proved that the designer had given enough attention to deliberately best accentuate the lower waist area. Special emphasis has been laid on its seams, else the lingerie could have been something undesirable to wear. Have a look at the Cloe's tag on the inner side of brief with Size initial and basic washing instructions.
Nicely Stitched Seam
Inner Tag
 As I said comfort is my preferred style, but I felt mesmerized to see that Cloe has added the extra-touch of sensuality to the briefs by stitching cute floral laces within its exquisite designs.

Lacy Sensuality
Lacy Sensuality
The briefs' fabric is perfectly breathable and doesn't feel itchy on skin. I believe it won't cause rashes on skin in hot summer days bcz the fabric seems to allow air in and out to avoid retaining the moisture arising due to sweat. The briefs give complete coverage and stretches generously.

The Final Look
Hope this write-up has helped you to find out the address of a fine lingerie store. So next time when you are about to buy lingerie, do check out Cloe to find a under garment of fine comfort.

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