Sunday 18 January 2015

The Things That Define Me & Refine Me

Usually I carefully look for right words to talk about and talk to a third person. But today, I'm hunting for something more pertinent for defining myself coz Gillette Venus asks me to encompass things that constitute me & my personality. Sounds like an unusual practice you see ;) But I am grown up enough to know myself and acknowledge 'who am I'... 
In my formal study days, I always wanted to score nothing less than the Highest in academics. I used to feel terribly inferior & cry hysterically if ever failed to excel in co-scholastic performances :( Mom still remembers the tough time she had handling my tantrums year by year. Life has changed all the way in past years, but I feel pretty much similar even today. But yeah! there is something I have worked upon... and it is the way how to control my emotions. I have ended up becoming a calm persona most of the times who is not willing to counter-attack the person looped in the matter. I'm not much of a complicated personality. I may let go many Bigger issues when you expect me to react, but Nah! I can't behave YOGIC at all the time living in ruthless society, so expect me to blast at times when you cross your limits !!

I never believed in the philosophy of making the First Good Impression, coz leaving a lasting impression takes time and gives you countless reasons to prove your worth. I have met people in my life who apparently impressed me with their smart wit, caring attitude n thoughtfulness; but could not stood by when the circumstances asked them to be there :/ From such experiences, I grew up learning to supress my aggression and value true feelings of my loved ones :)

Talking about what I love to do, its a long list that makes me who am I. I am an admirer of Art & Literature in any form. Infact I always wished to earn a degree in English Literature but it is still on my wish list only ;) I have made an attempt to transform my talent of writing into my passion via this blog and happy to see make it work :) I enjoy company of like-minded people and don't mind them speaking their heart out, but definitely flush out those who mercilessly destroy the relationships by bitching n envious feelings. So I am really SELECTIVE about whom to call FRIENDS & get close to ... I am always ready to fight for my fair share of happiness, liberty, choices and undoubtedly my rights at personal or professional spheres. I hate being DISLIKED as we all do, but I am still determined NOT to compromise in my 'Values' to please everyone..

Still in the process to refine myself ....
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