Saturday 27 February 2016

BloomsBerry's Blissful Launches : Hand & Foot Scrubs

We bathe our hands and feet everyday with soap and water. But just splashing some water on them during shower is not pretty caring. In some old posts of mine, I've confessed my obsession of keeping my hands and feet very much pampered on regular basis. Still there are some busy days with tight schedule when laxity takes over and I feel guilty of not paying much attention to my hands and feet.

To rescue me and many others from such guilt, Bloomsberry has crafted a set of instant manicure and pedicure scrubs that claims to treat rough hands and feet in just a minute. The hand scrub is called as Minute Manicure Blossom Sugar Scrub and the foot scrub is called as Smoothing Pedicure Cucumber Foot Scrub.

Quite simple packaging in white, opaque jars have been offered for both the products and there is a foil seal underneath the lid of both scrubs jars. The details like ingredient list, price, quantity, usage instructions etc have been labeled on packs.


Shelf Life: 2 years. (Since the packs which I received are the introductory ones, they missed certain details. But the packaging available on stores now bears all details including shelf life)

Product Color, Smell & Texture: 
The Minute Manicure Blossom Sugar Scrub is pink color scrub with floral extracts and has a tender smell to please everyone, while the Smoothing Pedicure Cucumber Foot Scrub is sea-green color scrub with cucumber extract that smells of cucumber. Both the scrubs are relatively firm in consistency, so will not flow freely and spill un-necessarily.

My experience:
Usually I don't recommend body scrubbing on everyday basis considering their long term effects due to over-exfoliation and feel that once or twice a week is more than sufficient. But the skin of hands n feet gets rougher very soon and need more attention, so an exfoliation custom of alternate days is what suits me.

The Bloomsberry Minute Manicure Blossom Sugar Scrub and Smoothing Pedicure Cucumber Foot Scrub are applied on damp skin of hands and feet respectively followed by light massage in circular pattern. The best time to use the scrubs is in the mid of shower on the cleansed skin to obtain best result.

Both the scrubs are sugar based and give sand-like feel initially on massaging. But the minute granules of the scrubs dissolve quite easily and behave really gentle to the skin. Take care not to rub excessively to avoid hurting your skin.

The sugar produces glycolic acid that effectively loosens dirt and dead skin cells, so with every usage, ultimately your skin becomes free of impurities and toxins. I liked that none of these Bloomsberry scrubs produces any lather when you massage it, only light bubbles appear while rinsing it off. These mild scrubs packed with shea butter and castor oil are destined to moisturize the skin naturally. Right after the first exfoliation session, you may feel considerable difference in the texture of your skin. I'm loving my smooth, supple and touchable hands & feet much more than ever.

Buying Guide:
Smoothing Pedicure : Rs. 590 for 200 gm (offers available at Flipkart and Amazon)
Minute Manicure : Rs 549 for 150 gm (offers available at Flipkart and Amazon)
You may also order both the product to avail discount in combo deal on Amazon 

Bloomsberry Hand and foot scrubs make great at-home manicure and pedicure products with rich combination of ingredients. The products stand tall of its claims of effective exfoliation in one-minute (though the repeated usage is required on regular intervals). Feel satisfied to obtain soft and rejuvenated hands and feet without spending on expensive pro-services at salons with Bloomsberry scrubs.

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    1. Discounts being offered on both and links are given here.

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  3. Nice review dearie :) Heard this brand first time through you .. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Its a pleasure to feature as many brands possible to help readers.

  4. I love sugar based scrubs. They are very relaxing to use and effective too.


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