Friday 26 February 2016

Can Men #ShareTheLoad of Laundry?

Women in India take pride in shouldering equal responsibilities with the men in their houses, when we encompass paid employment. Despite working full time like their male partners, women are expected to handle all the household chores when they come home, because this is what they are born to do... But who decided their destiny....the society or their own family? Most men rely on their wives for cooking, cleaning, raising the kids and laundry. As a child, I personally noticed all these jobs either done by my mom or left undone. My dad, who is so helpful and cooperative otherwise, didn't help mom in washing clothes ever. And now I know how much energy and physical effort goes into laundry. Sad, but true story of most household in India, shows that women are undergoing much stress because of uncooperative spouses. The worse part is that this discriminating approach is carried forward to coming generations and there seems no end of the gender disparity.

My good fortune favoured me that I've been coupled with a sensible man who, right after our marriage, declared that instead of scrubbing the collars of his shirts and exhausting myself, I should do something constructive and enhance my productivity. In the same direction, we invested in a automated washing machine that aided me cut down my time spent over domestic chores. The clear-sighted man in my life came forward operating the appliance more readily and helped me #sharemyload. More than a decade ago, this well though-out plan came into action that is on roll till date in my family. 

The reason why I'm sharing this anecdote is to highlight the fact that the time has come to break the stereotype conventions prevailing in the society and bring along a positive transition for welfare of feminine gender. I strongly feel that the couples who share the household chores build stronger sentiments for each other. There is no justification on why and who should perform laundry, cleaning or cooking; but the practicing equality at your own home is a satisfying reward in itself. Men should acknowledge the amount of dedication disposed by women for her family on a typical day and should earn respect by setting an example for their kids by contributing fairly to the 'lady' in the house. 

'Better late than never', is the key message conveyed by team Ariel who has gone that extra mile to underline this prejudice through an inspiring advert and is encouraging men to help around the house and in laundry.
I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


  1. I don't know from where did this question even come. Every man I know share each and every household chore. My FIL used to share laundry so my husband automatically does. May be there are sections who find it bad. Ariel has taken a good step and mother of every son should resolve to teach this too. Nice post!

    1. I slightly differ from your viewpoint here. Bcz NOT every man contributes in household. The reason may not be considering it BAD, but its about a family's customs which are automatically accelerated. But we both are lucky that our spouses don't fall under that category :D


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