Friday 5 February 2016

'Traditional Meets Western' Style Saree Drape - Week 5

Hello Girls

I did some traditional and modern style of saree drapes in past 4 weeks for #Dare2Drape challenge by Triveni Ethnics. 
Here are the quick pointers for those who were missing the posts 

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For #week5, I merged the elegance of traditional and modernity in the drape style called 
'Traditional Meets Western' that looked like this :)

The traditional saree drapping creates quite a sensuous look for most women. Just the name of a saree brings in the anticipation of something that can't be ignored as an outfit. Even a non-glamourized look, if done with grace, never fails to impress the fashionistas.

There is nothing wrong in experimenting with your saree styles till you get it very right and are applauded for it. With this thought in consideration, this time I have created this casual saree look with a simple summer top as an alternative to its jazzy, blingly blouse. 

Since its a half n half saree with floral prints all over and plain pallu with embroidered flowers and no fall attached to its bottom, I reversed the saree while draping to get the floral print on the top. That simply means I have tied the pallu on inner side. The rest of the drape goes just the usual on the waist line with few pleats and then accessing the open pallu from the back of my left shoulder coming to the front. The long flowing pallu is tied loosely on my right wrist so that a floral veil brightly decorates the plain top and looks gracious. :)


  1. Gorgeous saree!! And amazing drape. I heard about this challenge from Mr. Saraf. M happy to see your participation in it too.

  2. Love the floral twist! Fun look!

  3. Wonderful :) Pretty color combination too. Great look.

  4. This is interesting. Can you please show the method in couple of photographs?

  5. Now that's a very interesting way to tie a saree. Love the prints on it, looks beautiful.

  6. very innovative way to drape a saree :)


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