Tuesday 2 February 2016

NELF Cosmetics Valentine Contest (closed)

There is nothing on earth more precious than true love. The month of romance has begun and to celebrate the most beautiful feeling in our heart, I've collaborated with NELFusa for a splendid Valentine's Contest.

To introduce our esteemed sponsor, I would like to tell you that NELFusa is one of the fastest growing colossal color cosmetics company. NELF aspires to make women look beautiful adnd offers trendy products to splurge in four leagues i.e. NAIL, EYE, LIPS & FACE.

This time I start by talking about the really big, fat makeup hamper that our lovely sponsor team is offering the winners...

The winners will get a complete makeup look hamper containing following products:
1 Six Musketeers Eye Shadow Palette 
1 Lip Definer
1 Trendy Diva Lipstick 
1 Jewel Sindoor 
1 Oh My Nelf Nail Paint 
Now how are you gonna win yourself a chance to claim this makeup hamper..
Giveaway Rules
  • Subscribe to my blog via email and verify your subscription by clicking on the link you receive in your inbox. 
  • Follow Alive n Kicking and NELFusa  on Facebook. 
  • Follow me and NELFusa on twitter
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  • Follow me on Bloglovin and Google+ (Optional, but fetches you more entries if you follow)
  • Creatively answer in comments below this post "Post the name and link of one NELF product that can make your look Valentine ready and why?" (you may post multiple comments but will be valid only if different friends are tagged everytime)
  • Share the giveaway blog post atleast once on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram timeline with hashtag #NELFValentineContest tagging both the pages and as many friends as possible. (You may share the contest once a day on every platform.)
  • Leave your participation details including sharing links and email id with your answer in comment section below, else your entry won't be entertained.
  • Valid for residents of India. 
  • The giveaway starts today and ends on 14th Feb, 2016.
Winners Selection:
Total 4 winners (one each from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blog) will be selected on the basis of their quality of participation. More active participants have higher chances to win.

Start posting your answer and be active on all social media platforms including blog to earn brownie points.

P.S. Its a sponsored giveaway and the prizes will be directly sent by the brand to the winners. The prize pic is for the reference purposes only and actual prize may vary from the image above.


  1. http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=13

  2. http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=23 in love with this
    " Velvet Touch" lip shine red lip colour because valentines day is on its way, wanna be the only center of attraction by applying this velvet touch lip colour ,it will give me the oh-so-chic look with hotness of smoothy lips, wish to grab the attention of my valentine by this valentine ready look . & I know I am gonna rock on this valentines day with #NELFValentineContest #AliveNKicking my Email I'd is- imme.shra1991@hmail.com

  3. My Facebook participation link -

  4. Lovely Giveaway! All the best to participants :-)

  5. Trendy Diva Lipstick (http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=22) can make my look Valentine ready because I feel that lipsticks have the power to change the whole look(make you look damn gorgeous)and On that very special day my boyfriend will love to see my Coloured lips.

    facebook id- shilpa.majumdar.351@facebook.com
    shared link- https://www.facebook.com/shilpa.majumdar.351/posts/558942487591695?pnref=story
    Twitter id- @shilpaguddy99
    shared link- https://twitter.com/shilpaguddy99/status/694777347237543936
    Instagram handle- majumdarshilpa
    email id- shilpaguddy99@gmail.com

  6. Just can't miss this opportunity! Amazing #giveaway it is. Thanks to alive n kicking for announcing such an amazing contest . #NELFValentineContest

    1. Hi

      Kindly post single comment with complete detail.

  7. Ohh I do not have an instagram account. All the best to everyone. :)

    1. U my create one now..its quite simply to begin with.

  8. My fav product from nelfusa cosmetics is velvet touch VT12-Sunset-Orange..http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=23

    facebook Priyanka M http://maliveandkicking.blogspot.in/2016/02/nelf-cosmetics-valentine-contest.html
    twitter priyanka_optom https://twitter.com/priyanka_optom/status/694846062075338753
    insta crazzy_pranky
    google+ priyanka Modi
    bloglovin priyanka Modi
    mail: priyankamodi.optm@gmail.com

  9. velvet touch Lipstick(http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=23): what can define valentine better than RED color and this lipstick in red can complete valentine look.

    facebook ID and share: rruchikabhatia@gmail.com

    Twitter ID and share: @rruchikabhatia

    email rruchikabhatia@gmail.com

  10. Awesome giveaway girl!!

    Nelfusa foundation is awesome product to have on valentines day as it gives even skin tone to face which helps in keeping the glow on face.

    Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/kanu.gupta.714?ref=bookmarks

    Insta- https://www.instagram.com/chatpatiilife

    Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/chatpatiilife

    Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+KanuGupta215

    Bloglovin - https://www.bloglovin.com/people/kanugupta-13916983

  11. Super giveaway shilpa..just got to know you too from chandigarh..let's meet sometime..love anu

  12. http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=23
    l would love to use nelf Velvet Touch Lip Color (k) to complete my valentine look as Red is the color of love :) and Red lip color will give a bit of extra pout (k)
    facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kanchan.advani.5/posts/947673131952514?pnref=story
    twitter : https://twitter.com/advanikanchan/status/695307226483924993
    Instagram name : kanchanadvani
    email id : kanchan.advani@ymail.com

  13. Entered!
    Followed all the steps!

    Name: Bhavani Sekar
    Contact Email ID : Poojadalu@gmail.com

    Followed both pages in all social media sites!

    Facebook Name : Bhavani Sekar
    Facebook ID Link: https://www.facebook.com/Bhavani.Seka

    Bloglovin ID: Bhavani Sekar
    Google+: Bhavani Sekar

    Twitter Handle : @Poojadalu
    Twitter ID Link : https://twitter.com/PoojaDalu

    Instagram Handle : @bhavanisekar
    Instagram ID Link : https://instagram.com/bhavanisekar/

    Velvet Touch
    In the shade VT14-Pink Passion

    because it would make my valentine day look so beautiful & memorable one:) Pink is the color of universal love!One swipe of lipstick can change the whole look makes even more bold & ready to go ^_^

    "I love Lipsticks because Lipsticks are always girls best friend"

    Basically am a lipstick junkie also am so crazy makeup hoarder love to use makeup products from high end to low end because makeup lifts my life more confident !

    Shared links:
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Bhavani.Seka/posts/515899888590547
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoojaDalu/status/695492871214886913
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBWzU0SC5L3/

  14. I like nelf perfect match foundation http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=10 , its gives wrinkle free skin, hide dark spots , a perfect skin n look which i want on valentine day to make me confident n smarter.
    Follows all handles

    FB : https://www.facebook.com/meena.jignesh/posts/10208396738293118?pnref=story
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/meens_m/status/695526310639202304
    Email : meena1022@gmail.com

  15. hi Shilpa :)

    As usual this time too u have something special to make our Valentine day most colourful, (k) my social site information is as fallows :

    Fb name : Sujata Bansod
    fb shared link : https://www.facebook.com/sujata.bansod.14

    Twitter handle : @SujataBansod
    Twitter shared link : https://twitter.com/SujataBansod/status/695909749699772416

    instagram name : @sujata Bansod
    instagram shared link : https://www.instagram.com/p/BBcNz6hOG9q/

    Google+ Name : @MissSujataBansod

    Bloglovin Name : SujataBansod
    my emali id : florafaunaprithvi28@yahoo.com

    My Answer to ur Question :

    #NELFValentineContest : it is only & only VT44 –Rose lip colour (link : http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=23) magic will work N make me ready for my Valentine Because of its captivating colour, velvety touch will arrest my lover mind N wants to have intimate as early as possible it is not mere lip colour but magical stick for me to get close with my partner & make my valentine pretty Rosy (f) with its(lip colour) mind blowing fragrance which lasts for long time. Its velvety touch stick to both of us together & will gives wings to our dream to fly high in the sky of Love with serene beauty where clouds of happiness cuddle & welcome us & shower unconditional love.(k)

  16. Hi Shilpa
    Thanksss for hosting such a wonderful giveaway in the month of love. <3 :)
    I like Nelf Gel Eye Liner so much http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=6 as I love to apply eye liner.This intense color of a liquid liner is a smudgeproof,and waterproof . Ultra-smooth, Fluidline's gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish to my eyes.It will give to me a complete stylo look. and It will force to my partner to look into my eyes in a whole day .. <3
    FB name: Nishat Anjum
    Fb share link:https://www.facebook.com/Nishat17/posts/1510268852616414

    Twitter handle: @nishatnjm1
    shared link: https://twitter.com/nishatnjm1/status/695929832018804736

    Instagram id: Nishatnjm1
    Google+: +Nishat
    bloglovin Id: nishat
    email id: nisi123rehu@gmail.com

  17. Hello dear...
    Another awsm giveaway by u... m done wid all the rules...
    folllowing both the pages on all the social media platforms..
    fb- ankita agarwal
    twitter- @princess_anshu
    instagram- ankita1238
    bloglovin- ankita agarwal
    g+ - anki.angel1238@gmail.com

    shared the post on all the media platforms nd will try my best in doing it..
    fb- https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1553887024926942&id=100009169779720
    twitter- https://twitter.com/princess_anshu/status/696054374259359744
    instagram- https://www.instagram.com/p/BBdPcK3R9hz/
    Now coming to ur ques..
    I would lyk to use this Velvet touch lipstick in red shade-> http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=23
    coz it will make me look hot nd bold.. nd will make me flaunt myself by adding that extra oomph on my face,,making me ready to impress my someone special.. nd will make my date special...:)

    wish to win dis amazing hamper...:)

  18. Hello dear
    I am a big fan of you and regular viewer of all your reviews..simply awesome :)
    Thank you soooooo much for hosting such lovely giveaways..and congratulations for huge fan following...
    Keep it up
    Best Wishes

    I have shared liked commented followed both the pages in every possible way on all social media platforms..
    twitter: preksha97
    google+ : preksha jain
    instagram: preksha._.jain
    blogvine: preksha jain
    email id: prekshajain.j97@gmail.com

    Valentine's Day brings lots of positive happy vibes and love to life. To compliment and complete my Valentine look i would love to go with NelfUSA KISSPROOF LIQUID LIPSTICK

    I was in search of a good smudge proof lipstick and here I got it.This lipstick is weightless and will leave lips with long lasting creamy stain look. This will be the perfect dose to make my day classy and glamorous (k)

  19. FB name-URMILA GARG
    Twitter name-@urmilamittal202
    Google+- URMILA GARG
    Bloglovin- URMILA GARG
    Email ID-urmilamittal20@gmail.com
    FB share-https://www.facebook.com/urmila.mittal.758/posts/866870993459079?pnref=story
    Twitter share- https://twitter.com/urmilamittal202/status/698158626137964544
    Product link- http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=6
    Gel Eye Liner will complete my Valentine look because Eyes can express as well as impress a lot. Moreover its smudgeproof and waterproof,so no worries once applied.

  20. 1. Subscribed Alive n Kicking Blog.
    2. Followed Alive n Kicking and NELFusa on facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/rameshwari.bansod )
    3. Followed Alive n Kicking and NELFusa on Twitter. (name- @capreena197 )
    4. Followed Alive n Kicking and NELFusa on Instagram. (@rameshwaribansod )
    5. Followed you Bloglovin and Google. ( Bloglovin – rameshwaribansod ) & Google

    6. Product link is - http://www.nelfusa.com/single.php?id=17

    Answer –
    I believe in Eye language. It’s mute language of eyes. Eyes are more powerful than words. :) When I use “Colossal Eye Liner” it’s gives perfect looks for my eyes and I will look more beautiful. And my Handsome Man definitely attracts towards me. (k) (k) (h)

    x-) “Nayano se Nayano ko Mila De…….. x-)

    And I will success to attract him and my dreams come true. :>) And the Month of Romance more Fruit Full to me. cheer
    I have strong confidence that my eyes are my precious stone & Colossal Eye Liner will enhance it’s shine and Get Captivating eyes with rich look.

    7. Shared giveaway post on facebook, twitter and Instagram.
    8. Done all steps with #NelfValentineContest

    Twitter shared link - https://twitter.com/capreena1947/status/698753115177119746

    Email id - rameshwariramnavmi@gmail.com

    Thanks for arranging Beauty Hamper Give Away :)

    Rameshwari Bansod


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