Thursday 11 February 2016

Chic Ensemble For Valentine Day

For every Valentine's Day enthusiast, its the time to create chic going-out ensemble. For myself, I prefer a no-fuss look with comfort being the absolute priority. The other day, when this cute pink image flashed in my mailbox with a link to Valentine's Day store, I couldn't curb my temptation to buy myself a love-laced gift and hurriedly ordered some girly stuff ;)
And now when we are just few hours away from ringing the bells for day of love, I'm playing up my fav items for curating a simple yet flirty ensemble to impress my love :)

Despite all the buzz about trendy outfit ideas, I've deliberately donned minimal of styling... A maxi dress in mild floral prints teamed with beaded footwear fulfills the dream of candidly refreshing and classic look for any occasion. Just a pair of ivory toned danglers and kissable pouts are enough to give this look an extra edge.

One of the prettiest in-vogue style these days is to accentuate femininity with hair buns. An instant transformation from my Style Diva look (above) emerges into real princess look by turning and twisting my tresses into plain bun above my neck. Add on a cute finger ring or metalic bangle and you are ready to go..

If any of these looks could woo your sweetheart, do let me know ...else there are some more interesting ideas coming up soon that would turn the heat on ;)

Hope you are all showered with love forever and ever :) Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers !!

Please excuse the picture quality as getting clicked at late hours in the night ;)


  1. super cool sweetie :-) xoxo
    Cheers, Archana -

  2. <3
    liked the pic nr. the cupboard the most as it looks like v. hi-fashion

  3. Oh I saw it on your haul post. I love how this Maxi dress looks on you. :)

  4. Really nice, specially last pic

  5. Looking fabulous Shilpa

  6. Amazingly awesome... As always ..

  7. Love the dress you are wearing. So pretty.


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