Tuesday 23 February 2016

Burst of Happyness A Wash to Remember Body Scrub Review


Recently I received some vegan products from Burst of Happyness and it was one of those rarest moments that I started using all of those the very next day (because there was no overlapping of products in same category). Out of the products received, I already wrote about the coconut milk bar and here is another post sharing my views on her natural sugar body scrub called "A Wash to Remember".
Product Info:
This scrub with decadent mango butter and almond oil is true to its name and will become your favourite product in the shower! The oils and butters used are light on the skin but are deeply moisturizing without any greasiness. This product is ideal for use in the morning to keep you fragrant for hours.

Ingredients:In-house soap, brown sugar, oil (almond and grapeseed), raw butters (cocoa and mango), and essential oils (lavender and grapefruit)

Price: Rs 495 for 200 gm order on official site

Shelf Life: The scrub is purely vegan and free from chemicals or preservatives, so its shelf life is lesser than commercial products. Its recommended to use it within 3 months after opening the seal. 
The body scrub comes in a broad tin container having screw lid over the top. There is a layer of protective sheet within the lid. The label on the lid of the container prints the product name and the ingredients used. Another label at the bottom of the container makes it evident what the product can do for your skin and how to use it to gain optimum benefit out of it. You may find price and shelf life as well on bottom side label. The scrub in my pack is still under-use, but I would like to reuse this container too just like I utilized the cloth pouch of soap bar ;)

The moment the container opens, you are greeted with such an inviting fragrance to stimulate you even before using the product on you. Talking about the scrub, I would start by forwarding special remarks by my junior who found the appearance of sugar scrub resembling jaggery porridge due to its color and texture ;) {kids are kids, you see} 

Color n Texture:
Actually, the coarse grains of demerara sugar (which is a type of unrefined sugar) in golden brown shade truly give the scrub edible look. The scrub that I received is in solid state as per the current temperature, but the consistency may vary with a change in temperature. 
Usage Experience:
As mentioned, the scrub is quite dense and solid, I use a clean spoon to scoop out some quantity and screw the lid back to avoid water entering the container. Massaging the scrub in light strokes on the skin starts melting it on skin and it produces velvety lather due to in-house soap used in formula. So you need not use a soap bar afterwards. The skin friendly ingredients gently exfoliates the skin without being abrasive and leave the skin silky smooth after very first use. The raw butter and essential oils lubricates the skin deeply without leaving a greasy sheen over the surface of the skin. The scrub can be used everyday and is also versatile & mild enough to be used as face scrub too. 

I'm sure those who try it once would be glad to have found a comprehensive exfoliation treatment for the most delicate organ of our body i.e. our skin without causing it any harms and would definitely utter "It had been a wash to remember" ;)

**PR Sample


  1. loved the packing

  2. Sounds amazing and I love the way you have described it.

  3. Ohh first time found a scrub good for face as well as body!

  4. I haven't tried Burst of Happyness products. This scrub sounds really great.


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