Monday 29 February 2016

Sensual Massage In Candle Lit Ambiance

The touch of a loved one is so comforting for most of us. I feel you would agree with me that its a divine experience to get a sensual massage by your partner. Today I'm gonna share with you how to take your massaging experience to another level.

I've usually enjoyed a massage done using oils and body butters with aromatic constituents. Its for the first time that I got to try Aroma Essentials Massage Candle which seriously made me fall for it. To those, who are not familiar with the idea of massage candle, lets talk at length.
Massage Candle is mainly frozen natural wax with a blend of luxurious oils. I received Aroma Essentials Massage Candle infused with Rose Petals, Rose Oil, Kokum and Shea Butter. Neatly stored in a plastic container, the candle is exclusively crafted in such a way that the wax melts at not-so-high temperature. As you lit the candle, the seductive rose aroma fills the ambiance and sets the mood. I swear it'll deeply please your senses and soothe your mind as you wait for the wax to melt. While waiting for the wax to melt, I expected the liquid wax to be dark or blackish, but to my amazement, it burns very clean to be directly drizzled on the skin.
Once liquified, the center of the candle turns into a pool of warm massage oil like a lotion. Just blow the candle out and wait for the melted wax to come down to a skin-safe temperature. Spoon out some of the liquid and indulge in a relaxing, intimate massage by your partner.

The hydrating oils and butters used to make the massage candle gave my skin the most moisturizing effect. The lubrication stays on body skin the whole day, which is beyond my wildest expectations. Because on my extreme dry skin, nothing works after few hours. And the warm massage with delicious Rose oil offers exotic pleasure and long lasting nourishment.
After the massage session is over, the candle wax sets on its own and can be reheated next time. I strongly recommend everyone to try massage candle at convenience of your home over expensive spa treatments. The massage candle is surely a blissful way to pamper yourself or your partner for an ultimate sensory pleasure as well as to spend some most intimate moments for emotional connect.
So place an order by clicking on Aroma Essentials or call 9886497272.

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  1. never knew waht a massage candle was - thnx !

    1. Same here. I also got this excellent opportunity for the first time :)

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  2. wanted to see the melted part on your skin n how it looks after massaging it in

  3. wow wow... I wouldn't mind going for one right now :-)

    Cheers, Archana -

  4. I love the concept of a massage candle. Sounds very interesting.

  5. I love how the ambience changes with help of candles. They are better than the chemical filled room fresheners.


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