Tuesday 9 February 2016

Gift of Nature for Your Skin from Tattva

You might be knowing the majority of the brands and products that I have featured on my blog in last two years boast of nature based production. I actually feel proud to populate such brand who take care not to harm the environment and ofcourse our skin.

Today my post features an entrepreneurial endevour by Shabia Walia who dared to leave her well-paid job to bring love of nature for us in form of handmade skincare products under the name of "Tattva". 

About Tattva:
'Tattva' as the name indicates stands for truth and essence. The company believes in capturing the essence of nature in its products in an honest manner without clouding it with harmful chemicals. All its products are handcrafted, eco friendly and made with ingredients sourced from nature to the best of abilities. The company takes pride in creating products that are cruelty free, natural and free of SLS/SLES & parabens.

My take on the products:
I received three cute little sample packs from the brand including a Rose Honey Face & Body Wash,
Saffron Almond Moisturising Body Lotion and Ginger Lime Extra Conditioning Shampoo. 
All three products are priced at Rs. 45 for 25 ml. The products came in light-weight, transparent plastic bottles with flip cap and have labels pasted on it with ingredients details.

The first product I tried immediately was the Saffron Almond Moisturising Body Lotion as it could be applied as and when required. I can vouch for the effective result of Badam Kesar used in making of skin care products. I bet if you use it even for the first time, its sure to give your skin exceptional plump and smooth feel with profound hydration. I am using it on my face also and it has caused me no break outs. The softness of the skin can still be felt as you touch it hours later. Full size pack of the moisturizing lotion can be bought at Rs. 475 

Rose Honey Face & Body Wash is a twin-function product that again is suitable for cleansing skin of entire body as well as delicate skin of face. Capable of producing mild foam, it ensures removal of dirt, extra oil and environmental pollutants from skin leaving behind humble fragrance of fresh rose petals. Being a glycerine, aloe vera and honey based product, it won't sweep away desired dampness from skin. The full size pack can be ordered for Rs. 375.

The extra conditioning shampoo in Ginger Lime has been a innovative mix of  ingredients for me that I had not tried earlier. The first thing I noticed after washing my hair with this shampoo was incredible reduction in itching on scalp. Since the shampoo claimed to be extra-conditioning, I decided to skip using a conditioner separately. It didn't weigh down the tresses rather felt soft and easily manageable. I am loving the aroma of camphor with ginger in the shampoo that remains locked in my hair for some time after hair wash and lets the scalp feel freshly cleaned. 

These small packaging are really appropriate to design a customized hamper to be gifted to your loved ones for whom you really care. Tattva has multitude of options to pack them beautifully in boxes, baskets and cute sacks. 

Hope I gave you a cool gifting idea other than usual ones. Look out for your fav products and share your views how you liked them :)

**PR Sample


  1. havent tried tatva products yet..Looking forward to trying these :D

    1. Mine is also the first time n I am glad I found these :)

  2. camphor sounds so good in a shampoo

    1. It's so good to remind me of my childhood days.

  3. lotion sounds so good

  4. The moisturizer looks good but the quantity for the price would leave me with no choice. I have super dry skin currently. It will finish up very quickly. Great review though!

    1. I use the lotion on my son's skin which is very dry and sensitive. It works like magic. Also, a little goes a long way.

  5. hi. The full size bottle is 210 ml, good to last you for a month. The ones you see in the pic are just sample bottles.


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