Wednesday 17 February 2016

NELFusa Trendy Diva Royal Pink Lipstick Review (TD-29)

NELF cosmetics is one of the most pocket friendly amongst its rivals and intends to sell its products at low prices especially for the beautiful teens. Working well on this philosophy, the brand has taken over the cosmetic industry with quality products for prettifying ladies' nail, eyes, lips and face. Whatever products I have tried till now are extremely good specially their Velvet Touch Lipsticks and Nail Enamels. Today is the day for their Trendy Diva range of lipsticks which I got in shade Royal Pink :) 
The packaging of this lipstick is more convenient in the sense that one could see the shade from a sealed pack because the top side of the cap has transparent opening instead of all covered (as seen in pic above). The rest of the body of packaging is black in color with shiny silver fonts. The bottom label of the lipstick clearly mentions shade name and number. But unlike the Velvet Touch lipstick, it doesn't mention the price anywhere.

My take on the product:
My first glimpse of this Royal Pink lipstick was a shocking one (just like the tagline for this range says "Time for a Color Shock Therapy !") because this shade is not something that I appreciate much for my skin tone and so was quite skeptical to give it a try honestly. It took me really few days to recover from this shocking first look and I dared to swipe it on my lips.
The lipstick is decently pigmented but gives an impressive opaque color only after built up in 2-3 swipes. The pink color of the lipstick shows somewhat eye-catching neon when swatched on my forearm, but turned out to be much better on my lips.
The lipstick has non-irritating subtle fragrance. Loaded with Vitamin E minus lead content gives the moisturizing feel to lips. It stays for 3-4 hours with slight glossy finish. With all its features, I would say Trendy Diva lipstick range at a nominal price of Rs 120 each is must try. Though the Royal Pink color may not look like not compliment dusky skin tones, but can create dramatic look for trendy Diva in you when your define your lips with a darker liner or wear the lipstick with complimenting outfits...anyways, there is wide variety of shades available to try.
Tried any of them? Let me know your experience ...

**PR Sample


  1. even the price is right
    ant other nice shades you found ?
    I don't dare to wear this!

    1. Tried just one shade from this range, but will be ordering few more soon :)

  2. The shade looks amazing. I really like the price point.

  3. I have a wheatish complexion so i avoid this color of lipstick. I have a mind set that on my face only light pink, brown or maroon shade will go.


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