Monday 22 February 2016

BloomsBerry Range of Hand Sanitizers & How I Use These

Hygiene matters to everyone whatever age or gender you are. When its about cleaning my hands, I'm not lazy to get up and wash them with soap and water. But at times, I feel dire need to using something more than soap n water, when the purpose is to disinfect my hands at a place where it tends to attract more germs like while traveling via public transport, before eating out, after using public convenience etc. Thats the time when I reach for a bottle of hand sanitizer. Not only I ensure keeping a bottle in my handbag and in my car always, but it is an instruction to my boy from his school authorities to carry one everyday with him in the school bag. So you may imagine how frequently I might be buying good quality hand sanitizers.

When BloomsBerry sent across entire range of their hand sanitizers, I felt oh-so-excited to try them. 
Here are the lovely choices they have-
Green Apple Mojito
A cocktail deliciously scented with the extract of farm fresh and juicy green apple peal.
Fresh Blooms
Say Hello to spring with this mesmerizing powdery fragrance containing fragrance of fresh daisies and additional nourishing Vitamin E that leaves hands feeling soft, smooth and lightly scented.
 Aqua Bliss: 
Divine ecstasy of delight, lightly scented with a blend of water kissed with green blossoms and designed for unisexual.
 Blossom Bouquet: 
An alluring blend of seductive blossoms with a tempting fragrance.
Purple Paradise: 
A dreamy ornamental blend, elegantly scented with extract of Orchid flowers.This miniature must-have contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that keep hands fresh and clean on-the-go with fun fragrance!
 Spring Fizz : 
A dreamy ornamental blend, elegantly scented with extract of freesia flowers.
Price and Pack Size:
All the variants are priced at Rs 149 each for 29 ml. You may order these hand sanitizers from Flipkart, Amazon etc. to avail great discounts on combo packs.

My experience:
All the BloomsBerry hand sanitizers are of gel-like consistency which is thicker than usual sanitizers. As these are waterless sanitizers, just pouring a couple of drops and rubbing between your palms till it gets dry helps to kill the microorganisms present on your skin. The Bursting Beads loaded with vitamins A, E and C floating in the gel in all the variants not only look cute, but melt on your hand giving required moisturization. It doesn't leave your skin dried out and is quite gentle, so can be used by kids. 
Though the product is definitely costing much more than most sanitizers offered by another brands, but it is crafted to be tougher on germs and kills them 9x better than the others. But make sure not to use the sanitizer when your hands are visibly dirty. 

Adding to the benefits of this germ-kill product, I would specially like to mention that my husband is in a practice to use sanitizers for multiple purposes. So would share few tested ones here..
  • My hubby who uses spectacles is totally against using the wiping cloth to clean the glasses and doesn't let me use it too. He washes the glasses under running tap water, rubs a drop of hand sanitizer over it and again washes it to get dustfree glasses.
  • Also, he cleans the phone screen with a damp paper towel pouring a drop of sanitizer on it and the phone gets disinfected as well.
  • For last few days, I've been suffering from some kind of infection on my feet and had been scratching my skin badly. Using few drops of sanitizers genuinely gave me the relief which I could not get after moisturizing my feet enough. 
  • Whenever any of my family members gets minor cuts, scratches etc, the sanitizer comes for rescue as the antiseptic first-aid.
p.s. All these tips may or may not suit everyone, so do try at your own risk ;)
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