Thursday 7 January 2016

Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo Review

Here comes the detail talk on a herbal shampoo from Anherb Natural that I received in my winter product kit...

Product Details: 
An Herbal Hair Shampoo tailored to provide the right cleaning, conditioning & nourishing to all sort of hairs. It is rich in herbal extract which are reputed, documented and time tested for their beneficial effect on scalp and hair. Since it is well balanced, it suits all types of hairs.
Neem, Olive, Aloevera, Amla, Shikakai.

Amla : Source of Vitamin C,Strength & promotes Hair Growth.
Shikakai : Natural Hair Cleanser, Promotes Hair Growth.
Aloevera : Skin & Hair Moisturizer, soft, silky & shiny.
Neem : Anti Dandruff and anti fungal effect.
Olive : Improve Hair Strength and overall nourishment.

Pricing: Its available in 200ml and 400 ml packaging priced at Rs 175 and Rs 275 respectively. 
How to use: Apply directly to wet hair. Lather & rinse thoroughly.
Packaging & Texture:
The product is a light brown color shampoo with normal consistency that is neither runny nor extra thick. It comes is a dark brown plastic bottle with flip open cap which is very tight and leak proof.
What do I feel for the product:
All the Anherb products that I have tried till date have been worthy of my requirements, which makes me more interested to try new ones every time.
Anherb Natural Olive Hair Shampoo is a potent combination of exotic Indian herbs that have been known for their good properties like neem, amla, shikakai etc. Impressed with the ingredients list, I used the shampoo on my un-oiled hair. Though I oil my hair before headbath most of the times, but skip it at times. The coin sized quantity taken twice was enough to produce sufficient lather to wash my long hair. My hair type is normal, so it didn't create any mess with them. Rinsing also came pretty easy. I used it twice a week to evaluate its effect more closely. I observed that reapplication of shampoo is needed when washing oiled hair so that all the dirt is removed without leaving any greasy residue behind. I didn't take chance to skip conditioning my hair in both the cases, otherwise it makes me feel uncomfortable to manage those flyaways. The repeated use of the shampoo for few more times reduced the dandruff on the scalp that is the unwanted gift of winters every year. I expect it to clean my scalp completely with constant use.
Since the shampoo has natural provision of curing skin eruption on scalp because of neem, it doesn't itch the skin. There is no visible hair growth observed as such, but at least it didn't cause me sudden hair fall. So thats fine with me.
A shampoo that treats your hair with multiple natural ingredients and offers benefits like cleansing of shikakai, nourishment of olive oil and anti-fungal properties of neem is best buy at this price. The shampoo smells herbal and soothing and is not unbearable.
The only drawback is infusion of SLS and TEA which are basically surfactants or lather producing agents that may make the scalp dry for some. But there are only few "all natural" shampoos as most of them use more or less proportion of these detergents.
In my opinion, this shampoo can keep you hair healthy and protected provided combined with some good hair care regimen like oil massage, hair pack etc and you give it some time to show results.
Use of effective ingredients.
Smells good
Pocket friendly price.
Gives squeaky clean scalp.
Leaves no oily, dirty particles in hair.
Leak-proof packaging.
Effective for dandruff-control.

Has SLS and TEA.

**PR Sample


  1. After adding such great ingredients they just jad to add SLS and TEA, Irony. Great review!


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