Friday 8 January 2016

Strike Up A New Cinema League

Indian Cinema has traversed through significant stages in past decades and has explored the most critical aspects of life in much influential manner. Since eternity, films have been most engaging medium of entertainment for the fulfillment of our desire to spend leisurely time with friends and family. And its not surprising that Cinema has amassed greatest following ever since its inception. Living in the digital world today, we have access to almost every possible instrument to treat us with a satisfying experience to watch heart-warming films at any place or any time, but has your heart ever fancied for a platform where you can converse with film fanatics like yourselves over enthralling topics about films and cinema... If yes, has extended such a stage to its audience where we can not only watch films but can initiate gripping discussions and ultimately turn entertainment into an interactive experience.
The movie listing on this platform is thoughtfully segregated in categories to choose what mood are you in and what kind of movie will be your preferred choice at that moment. I bet you won't find those unheard movies anywhere else which has brought together. Those age old Award Winning Films that are so close to our hearts some times go missing from our favourite playlist and leave a vacuum in our hearts because films are precisely related to our emotions. But ensures to live by your dream just a click away. 
We have people with an intellectual bend of mind among us who think and express differently. For them, films are not just a means of recreation, but to uncover the carpeted truth of actual life. For people of this refined liking, the best of Documentary Films and Short Films are laid elegantly to watch online & meet their expectations. 
The language support for the listed films is indeed commendable where you don't pause only for Hindi films, but can range over Bhojpuri, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and English films too. 
For the gadget freak generation, the devices like Mobile, Tablet, PC, Mac, and TV have been made compatible to watch any films.

An innovative feature of is Pay Per View that allows to watch a film within 72 hours and supports live streaming. New titles are frequently added to the existing listing to not let your tempo go down. So whats the wait now! Lets dive into the never-ending buzz of Cinema.


  1. I did not know about this one. There is one I used to follow in US and UK that is I will check this out as well.

    1. oh great, I will be checking the one u mentioned :)


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