Monday 11 January 2016

Anherb Milk and Honey Nourishing Cream Review

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Want a dedicate cream to keep your dry skin issues at bay? Anherb Natural presents its nourishing cream infused with milk and honey to protect moisture in your skin.
Product Details: 
Anherb Milk & Honey Nourishing Cream is a moisture lock therapy with goodness of pure organic milk & honey. Milk exfoliates, softens & nourishes the skin. Honey provides nutrition and protect skin. The ultra nourishing formula with sun flower & arachis oils enhances the skin's protective barrier; thus locks moisture & imparts ultra nourishment to skin. An intensive 24 hour treatment provides soft and sensual skin.
Sunflower oil, Arachis oil, Milk protein, Honey ,Vitamin E.

How to use: 
Wash your Skin & apply uniformly.Do light massage in upward direction.

Price & Pack Size: 
Buy at Rs 295 for 40 gm pack.
Some people prefer using lotion based formulas and other like cream based. While the purpose of both lotion and cream is to moisturize the skin, they are different in their thickness and consistency plus one may work better for certain skin type than the other.

To me, both the lotion and cream are welcome for different reasons and time of season. I have been loving to spread a layer of lotion on my body after shower and shared my likes or dislikes about many of them. And today is a cream day ;) and I am glad its a purposeful product.

Anherb Milk & Honey Nourishing Cream is a solution for your skin's craving for earnest hydration. The product is a white cream of the similar consistency as of freshly made butter at your home. It is fleecy to touch and prompt to spread on skin. The quick absorption takes no time to give you silky smooth outer layer on skin plus works underneath to maintain the moisture for as long as many hours. Though the claims of 24 hours treatment doesn't stand tall for me, but may work for beauties who have normal skin type. I survive this cream for better duration than lotions, but need reapplication. I like its sweet floral fragrance that resembles some years old cream (probably ponds cold cream, not able to recall exactly) but its good to revive my memories. The fragrance lingers on for decent time and does remind you what product you have used ;) I am enjoying that actually.
I doubt if oily skin would be able to comprehend with this product that well, but it all depends on how much emulsification your skin requires.

The only con that I could speak about is that the price could have been slashed a bit for the quantity offered.

Overall, Anherb Milk & Honey Nourishing Cream is a splendid formulation of great ingredients packed in a little white tub.
The layer of this cream forms a barrier on skin that doesn't let the moisture evaporate and the skin stays hydrated for longer. This cream is quite suitable for winter when cold wind makes skin scaly and itchy.

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  1. I love creams that remind me of golden days gone by too <3
    will try this
    cute pics

  2. WOW I was amazed to see so many unheard vitamins in this product. Great product.


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