Monday 25 January 2016

IHA Zweta Anti-marks & Anti-blemish Cream Review


Today's post talks about a skin treatement cream from IHA Vedic that claims to repair uneven, blemish affected skin.

Product Info:
Zweta Natural Cream is a unique and rare blend of potent ayurvedic herbal extracts of Mulberry, Almondette, Annatto, Saffron and Indian Gotukola. Reputed for their efficacy in treating various pigmentation problems like dark skin, age-spots, blemishes, freckles, burn scars, nail marks & pimple scars, these ayurvedic herbal extracts offer a complete recipe for a lighter, even toned, smooth & spotless skin. 
Remarkably & visibly lightens color for a fair & lighter skin tone.
Lightens & heals sun-induced dark & damaged skin.
Achieves noticeable fading of age spots, pimple-marks, pigmentation & blemishes.
Lighter, softer, radiant and even toned skin.
Active Ingredients : Each gram contains natural extracts of Gotukola (Centella Asiatica W/Herb) 20 mg, Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera Leaf Juice)20 mg, Turmeric (Curcuma Longa Rhizome) 10 mg, Brassica Napus Seeds )10 mg, Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root) 10 mg, Mulberry (Morus Alba Root) 10 mg, Indian Drumstick ( Moringa Oleifera Leaf) 5 mg, Indian Almondette (Buchanania Lanzans Seed) 5 mg, Annatto (Bixa Orellana Seed) 5 mg & Saffron (Crocus Sativus Stigma) 0.05 mg.

Other Ingredients : Purified Water, Caprylic Capric Triglycerides, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Stearic Acid, Sorbitan Olivate & Sorbitan Palmitate, Glycerol, Cetyl Palmitate, Iso Amyl Laurate,Fragrance Sodium Benzoate, Xanthan gum, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Gluconate, Vitamin E Acetate & Natural Colour ( Arnibia Nobilis Root Extract).
The product comes in a crystal jar packaging with tight screw cap. The details of the product usage, ingredients etc are printed on the pack. Also the bottle is encased in cardboard box that again shows you complete product details.

My take on the product:
The product is a light pink sweet smelling cream. The texture of the cream is thicker than normal but is smoothly blend-able and non greasy. I use the cream on cleansed and toned facial skin mostly in the night and massage for few minutes. But I would like to mention that its apt for both day wear and night wear purpose. So you may try it as a day cream as well.
The cream absorbs in no time, so no excessive massage is needed. But it leaves my skin lacking moisture. It might be due to cold weather these days or because of usual behaviour of my dry skin. Since I started using this cream religiously in winters (from beginning of month of January), the after effects of the cream on my skin are consistent. I'm currently applying Votre Hydrating Moisturizer over the Zweta cream to maintain moisture level.
Using the Zweta cream for nearly three weeks, the minor blemishes have gracefully gone away. The goodness of herbal extracts of Mulberry, Almondette, Annatto, Saffron and Indian Gotukola work towards reducing ugly marks from skin with regular use of Zweta cream and even out the skin tone by fading the patches without causing any allergic reactions. Other than the ageing spots, Zweta repairs light, not-so-stubborn scar marks from the skin like accidental nail scratches etc.
Overall, IHA Zweta cream is a reasonably effective skin treatment cream to flaunt glowing, spotless skin at a pocket friendly price of just Rs. 240. 
Goodness of many herbal ingredients.
Smells mild.
Effective on ugly patches, marks and blemish.
No allergies or irritation caused.
Sturdy packaging.
Pocket friendly price.

Needs to supplement with a layer of moisturizer for dry skin type. May not be an issue with oily to normal skin type.

**PR Sample


  1. sounds so nice
    love the name - so unique

  2. v.soft and nice packing
    love the pink color cream
    wonder if it will take out acne scars ?

    1. My skin is not acne prone hence bears no acne marks. So not sure of product's efficacy on the same.

  3. Sounds nice. This is a good affordable option x

  4. Appears to be a good cream and is pocket friendly too. Will check it out.

    1. it actually is. Go ahead and try once to know if suits u :)

  5. Sounds nice but does it work on old scars?

    1. Can't say anything about it..only the person who has scars and used it can be in a position to tell :P Thankfully I dont have any ;)

  6. Not bad even the price is affordable..Nice review


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