Tuesday 12 January 2016

The Wrap Around Style Saree Drape - Week 2

Continuing with the #Dare2Drape challenge by TriveniSarees.com, the second style that I did in #Week2 is The Wrap Around Style Saree Drape.

Here is the glimpse of actual saree that I am using as wrap around skirt..
Wrap Around Skirts are quite popular among girls. My main reason of liking it is the convenience that it offers to fit on waist line. It can be a stylish drape for any kind of casual or semi-formal occasion. To utilize my saree in the Wrap Around Skirt pattern, I have folded the saree twice lengthwise, making it four-folded to reduce wrapping effort around my waist. I dared to pair it with a black Spaghetti Top and then layered it up with a biker jacket to give myself cozy warmth. A statement necklace is the only accessory that I have used to complete the look. In no time, I am ready to sport my comfy yet smart dressing.

How did I fare in the challenge this time? Do let me know in comments below...

The next week again, I am going to style the same saree another innovative way ..So keep watching this space for more..


  1. Replies
    1. Or we should say, saree turned into skirt ;) Thanks

  2. That is amazing shilpa. Please show how did you do it. I have lot of sarees but do not wear them. I can recycle them like this atleast.

    1. Thanks Ankita. I will try to do a stepwise post to show :)

  3. very nice idea and you looking great!!!

  4. Great idea of draping saree.

  5. Saree in Skirt :O Amazing Idea :) u r so Creative (h)

  6. wah wah saree turned into beautiful skirt ...ll surely try it on my daughter,same saree with different look on both of us ,kool !!!


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