Thursday 21 January 2016

Silly Superstitions & Smart Saving #JanoTohMano

The other day, I attended my cousin's birthday and bought a really expensive branded leather wallet to gift him specially from my side along with what other gifts my parents were planning to give. With beautifully wrapped gift in my hand, as I reached home and told mom whats inside, she abruptly opened the gift-wrap saying "you foolish girl! don't you know gifting an empty wallet can cuase the recipient bad luck, making it harder for him to get money in the future...." I couldn't question her as she ordered me to put some cash inside, but I was bewildered about how can adding a currency note in this wallet make all the difference in the world !! It was not yet over when she shouted at me to put a one rupee coin with the hundred rupee note because its auspicious to gift Rs 101 instead of Rs 100. :P
This episode reminded me of other occasions when people really wish for little extra luck when it comes to money. Isn't it too customary to see people predict whether they will gain money or spend money when they feel like scratching on either of their palms? I remember when I found a twenty rupee note on the road once, and my mom told me to carefully walk away from it because she believed that finding a coin or money on road brings misfortune to us.
I swear, the myths, disbeliefs and superstitions related to money prevail in every religion and in every culture, however modern people may think themselves. In India, you will find people scolding their kids not to play with coins or will touch the currency to their forehead if fallen on floor as they consider these to be symbolic to be Supreme Power and they don't want to invite evil.

I strongly feel that instead of promoting and supporting these superstitious myths, its easier to improve our financial position by investing wisely and multiplying our funds. Just explore the potential strength of the money you possess and weigh its earning capacity by rightly deciding where
to invest. There is no untried, untested solution to intensify the worth of your money, but a completely guided plan that you will trust when you will test it. That's why they say #JanoTohMano  


  1. Nice idea to make people invest in better options!

    1. Yup .. Bcz personal finance is a matter of wise decision.

  2. Nice article!!! Superstition is everywhere in Indian society.


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