Friday 15 January 2016

The Desi Ghagra Style Saree Drape - Week 4

Hello Girls

How are you liking my draping styles that I am doing since few weeks.

After #week1 talking about Bengali Drape, #Week2 concentrating on girly Wrap Around style and #week3 exhibiting Sassy Sarong style, this #Week4 is dedicated to lovely ladies who wanted a classic drape :)

For the women who are more into traditional style of draping a saree, the Desi Ghagra is an all-time favourite, eye-catching pattern for festivals, weddings and other formal occasions.
In attempt to give a usual saree the Ghagra look, I have kept in mind to tuck in less amount of fabric in the petticoat every time so that the saree touches the floor like a desi ghagra. Now, after you start with initial tucking of saree, do leave a gap of almost an inch,make a little pleat and tuck in. Repeat making these little pleats till you reach in the front creating a flared gathering of fabric. (A few front pleats will add up the volume if you want, else can be skipped).

Now make regular sized pleats of your pallu and bring it from the back showing up to your right shoulder. In the process, you will find a loose drape around your left hip which can either be tucked in or can be left loosened to give it more of traditional look (like I have done).

Hope you liked this week's entry too..Till the moment I decide another style, please do share some love in comment below..


  1. You look super cool :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  2. You have so wonderfully styled same saree in different ways. Please give the steps too.

    1. Thanks for liking dear. The. Steps are described in the post..

  3. So gorgeous!
    Perfect festive look.

  4. That's a fun way to drape the saree. Looks nice :)

  5. Wow florals are so much in fashion....i will defiantely try this drape for once atleast...

  6. Great..loved the looks :)


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