Monday 25 January 2016

My Gold Morning Mantras

Morning is the time of day that decides what kind of day is planned ahead. So I ensure I wake up with a gladness in my heart, instead of jumping out of the bed with the panicking sound of buzzing alarm. With a sense of humbleness for every breath I take, I begin my 'good morning' with positive thoughts..
Before I go to bed at night, I imbibe this very noble thought that whatever I couldn't achieve today can be attained tomorrow. Sleeping with such motivational thoughts in my mind, I get up afresh looking forward to embrace the reality that I have got another opportunity to get the things done right way and rectify my mistakes.

The moment I open my eyes, the first thing is to cuddle my baby and exercise the love for him in my heart. I cozy hug and an affectionate kiss on his forehead is all what I need to release any stress, if I have. I feel happy within my innermost senses when the goodness of content life energizes my mood. I keep aside ten minutes for satiating my spiritual side by listening to devotional music while doing few yoga postures. This ritual ends with my soulful chants of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra a few times and actually helps me move on a purposeful momentum set for the day with inner peace.

Now when I am charged with optimism, its my routine to cook wholesome breakfast for myself and for whole family. The processed food or fast food is an absolute 'NO-NO', even if they are labeled as healthy snacks. 'Don't let your stomach growl to be fed properly' is my rule that doesn't let breakfast fall off from my priority list. I swear my family craves for yummy yet healthy recipes that I have to offer them every morning :)

But before any of them could taste it, another rule is to brush your pearly white teeth to junk off all the food debris and to get rid of bad breath, if any. Cleaning our teeth and tongue with a multi-action toothbrush like Colgate 360 Toothbrush Charcoal Gold is the easiest way to ensure good health of our mouth that can turn our 'Good Morning' into '#Colgate360GoldMornings'.
I shared my Gold Morning Mantras to add some bling to your day with a less-stressed and more happier mornings. Did you enjoy reading this post? Do let me what you do to make your mornings beautiful :)


  1. This brush looks like luxury. Next I destroy my brush will go for this. Thanks ! :)

  2. very nicely written, enjoyed reading it.


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