Wednesday 27 January 2016

Anherb Milk & Honey Facewash Review

Hello Everyone

Today I'm reviewing a gentle facewash based on Milk & Honey from the house of Anherb Natural.

Product Details:
A gentle yet powerful combination of milk enzymes and honey.
Remove pollutants & microbes from skin.
Deep cleansing of the skin along with improve complexion.
Make skin smooth and rehydrated.
D-panthenol, Milk enzyme , Honey

Where to buy:
Buy the product at Rs. 79 only

Pack Size: 50 ml
Anherb Milk & Honey Facewash comes in a soft tube with lovely prints depicting its key ingredients. The maroon color flip open cap shuts tight and is convenient to carry around for its light weight packaging.
My take on the product:
Anherb has a complete range of products based on Milk & Honey. Since the combination makes it apt for using on dry to normal skin, I chose to try and review all of these products including Milk & Honey Cleanser and Milk & Honey Nourishing Cream. Today review is a facewash from the same line of composition from Anherb.

The Milk & Honey facewash is off-white in color with a nice shine to it. The first thing that I noticed is similar scent in it that is present in cleanser and cream as well. And I liked it like other two products.
The facewash is moderately thick in consistency and quite little quantity works up enough lather. It gives a sense of freshness to skin while removing all kinds of pollutants that our skin attracts from environment all the time.  The facewash works towards deeply cleansing the skin with powerful concoction of milk enzymes and honey, so doesn't cause stretchy feel after rinsing it off. If you have extra dry skin and need immediate moisturization, Anherb's Milk and honey nourishing cream can rehydrate and supplement your skin to cover up missing hydration.
I don't expect any immediate fairness effect on skin from a facewash, but only squeaky clean skin. And the product lives upto my expectation in that manner. I hasn't caused me skin breakouts, so is another plus for sensitive skin. The product is not tested on animals and is cruelty free.

In short, Anherb Milk & Honey Facewash is a reasonably priced facewash with wholesomeness of milk and honey. With refreshing fragrance and good cleansing effects, its a must try product.

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  1. My experience says facewash cleans your face which may give temporary brightness. If this does that much I think it is a great product.

    1. I agree. The momentary glow is what a facewash can give. And its OK with me too :)

  2. nice review, How does it score for oil skin, any feedback?

    1. I don't think it will cause any serious issues for oily skin. Can be tried ..

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