Sunday 10 January 2016

Spread The Vibe & Feed The Hungry

Party season is inviting us all to celebrate varied reasons and be a part of great feasts. In the majestic grandeur of such parties, culinary stage is one of the main attraction for people of all ages. We all love tasting culinary masterpieces prepared and presented lavishly by catering people. But in the quest of tasting every dish, we tend to dump much of food in the trash after a bite or two and then move ahead. The percentage of wastage of food is probably much more than its consumption. It feels really tear-jerking when food is discarded by people who have easy access to eat it and on the other hand, there is a large group of population that is striving to manage food one time a day (that is also uncertain at times).. We all are aware of the need to save food and might lecture others on the same, but somehow be a reason ourselves to waste food.

In this post, I am publicizing a unique initiative that has inspired me deeply and I want to do my bit to #SpreadTheVibe and prove that YouthKiAwaaz can make mountains move.
To start the year 2016 on a positive note, Mumbai's Dabbawallas have visioned and implemented a noble endeavour to prevent wastage of food in social gatherings. This unique initiative called "Roti Bank" has already started functioning early this month where hundreds of dabbawallas have collaborated with event managers and caterers in the regions of Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai to collect unconsumed food after a social gathering. The Dabbawallas are working round the clock to pull off some hours after their routine scheduled deliveries and then proceed to distribute this food to poor and underprivileged people in the nearby locations. Within the time span of just 10 days, a lot of professionals in the trade as well as individuals have joined hands to combat hunger in their own distinctive way.
To cope up the time management in more efficient manner, the Dabbawallas have expanded their reach to anyone in the city by providing two contact numbers as well (919867221310 and +918652760542) so that any of the volunteer can donate food by making them a call and schedule a pick up. Another milestone to be added to this journey is to depute a permanent member at certain point of the city where people can leave the leftover food any time for distribution.

In my opinion, this 'Roti Bank' is not only a noble gesture of these untaught daily workers of Mumbai, but I feel they have defeated most of the well-educated entrepreneurs who need a strategic plan to implement their projects. The blessings of pavement dwellers, slum residents and anyone who will get to eat through Roti Bank will bring unexpected success to this endeavour in future.
And because every good-doer deserves a pat on his back, we should applaud for these selfless Dabbawallas for replicating humanity in most humble manner in society.
A Salute To Mumbai's Dabbawallas and #YouthKiAwaaz!


  1. Really great one..wasn't aware about this..thanks for enlightening

    1. The purpose is to spread the word and inspire those who can contribute in the venture :)

  2. This is one of my main concern. I do not waste food in my home and try to do that in a party too but when I see people taking a lot of on their plate but throwing more that half my heart wrenches to see that. I totally support this initiative.

  3. The same is practiced by me to prevent food wastage anywhere I eat. I thank u that u support this initiative.

  4. Such a beautiful post. That's an awesome initiative and thank you sharing this. Good luck for the contest.

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