Sunday 29 November 2015

Aster Luxury Red Wine Soap Review

About Red Wine Soap:
This delicious looking soap is high in antioxidants and rich nutrients as red wine is made up of red grapes. This soap produces highly luxurious lather, rich in creamy bubbles. These soaps contain coconut oil which moisturise and make skin super soft. This soap deep cleanse the skin and removes dead skin.
Red Wine Soap Ingredients:
Coconut Oil, Sorbitol, Castor Oil, Myristic Acid, Stearic Acid, Cocoamido Propyl Betaine, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Red Wine Fragrance Oil

Price: Rs. 150.
Weight: 125 gms
Shelf Life: 2 Yrs
The soaps come sealed in a transparent sheet. You can see the lovely soap directly from outside. The packaging has sticker with their brand logo on the front and ingredient list at the back of the soap. 

My take on the product:
Red wine soap is one of the newly introduced variant from Aster Luxury. Most of their soaps that have been tested by me on myself proved to be of good worth. The name of this red wine soap created a misconception in my mind that it would be drying my skin due to alcohol content. But the description of the soap had been so influential that I knew I want to try it. I also got to know that the alcohol content is eliminated while processing and the soap bar is left with a nice moisturizing effect. 
The soap is made of red grape wine that is sure way of availing an extra dose of antioxidants. In the first use itself, I was fallen in love with the soap that lathered more than other variants. Its probably because the natural sugar found in the red grapes contributes to increase the lather. The soap has very nice fruity kind of scent that soothes during shower, but I can't say if its similar to actual red wine as I have no experience of any kind of wines :P
The soap is one of the amazing handcrafted soap from Aster Luxury that is enriched with multiple skin nutrients and gives alluring benefits of wine to the skin without even drinking it ;) 

Free from Paraben, Phthalates and Animal Ingredients.
Completely Vegetarian Soap.
Mildly scented.
Doesn't cause loss of moisture from skin.
Rich Creamy lather.
Easy online availability.
Rich in anti-oxidants and skin nutrients.

Not easily available in stores.

**PR Sample


  1. A real treat for all the wine lovers. Great review. :)


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