Saturday 7 November 2015

Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Mist Review


Sharing my views on a revitalizing face mist from Ayorma's range today..

Product Info:
This cleanses your skin of excess oil and dirt and is very good for oily or pimple-prone skin. Feel refreshed by spraying 1 or 2 spritz of Ayorma face mist on those hot & sunny days. Easy to carry, this mist revitalizes your skin & rejuvenates your spirit.
Key Ingredients:
Peppermint Oil controls excess oil.
French Lavender Oil soothes the skin.
Turmeric for skin-lightening.

How to Use:  
Spray the mist all over the face and neck.Wipe off with cotton, tissue or a clean cloth.
Price: Rs 249 for 100 ml
My take on the product:
Mists are my recent favourites because my nose is sensitive to strong fragrances of perfumes and deodorants..Most of the times, I avoid using them at all as I start sneezing immediately upon spraying :P But the mists have been really kind to me and cause me no such trouble.

Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Mist comes in a transparent plastic bottle. It follows the same color theme identical to most of Ayorma's product range. The bottle has golden neck and white pump-dispenser. There is a transparent cap to keep the nozzle free from dust and other impurities. This cap is tight enough that won't fall off until you take it off.
I will begin my review with a mention of its aroma which is so rejuvenating to instantly freshen you up. Earlier when I used the face mists, I just used to spritz it once or twice on my face and leave it on my skin to settle it there. But its for the first time that I wiped it off with a tissue following the usage instructions on the bottle. True to its claims, it has quite refreshing and light feel on skin and gives cleansed look with toned skin.

I have no issue like excessive oil on my facial skin, so not able to comment whether it helps to control it or not. You may use it as a makeup-setter if you spritz it on your face without wiping it off after your makeup is done.
Though the toner has alcohol content in it, but enriched with beneficial ingredients like lavender oil and turmeric, this mist is a well-formulated toner. It adds required amount of moisture on the skin and lightens the skin with prolonged use.

Smells good.
Natural ingredients.
Lightens skin tone if used regularly.
Not so expensive.
See-through packaging.
For all skin types.
No paraben preservatives

Alcohol content

**PR Sample


  1. This sounds quite nice. Does the alcohol content make it a bit drying to use?

    1. A bit of dry effect is there due to alchohol, but not intolerable evn though I hv dry skin. I found it OK.

    2. A bit of dry effect is there due to alchohol, but not intolerable evn though I hv dry skin. I found it OK.

  2. I cannot comment on anti tan capabilities but it will certainly be very refreshing.

  3. First time heard of turmeric in a spray
    I think alcohol is bad for the skin - I'm not sure abt this
    But no parabens is good


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