Friday 13 November 2015

How To Keep Your Baby's Soft Skin Safe?


Last month I wrote about some of my personal experiences about Baby Skin Care Basics and I had an urge to write more on the same topic. Because mommies have definitely loads of ideas to exchange...

For a first-timer new mom, keeping your baby's delicate skin nourished and free from all sorts of problem is one of your topmost concerns. I bet you ensure a very careful approach to handle the sensitivity of your baby's skin with tender care. In my case, I didn't go by television commercials that suggest you bagful of products to be used to keep baby's skin softer. Instead, I chose to be extra gentle in abidance to the generations old rituals of my family :) Some everyday tips and tricks that I followed worked really well and here I share with you today..

The babies tend to get dirty while being fed many a times, but the parents need to keep in mind that unlike traditional bathing customs for elders, the babies do not need to bathe every single day. Just a nice wipe and sponge bath works well to keep their skin clean and its texture will remain healthy. Also avoid giving a baby tub bath because being in contact with water for excess time will harm the immature skin of a baby.

Sometimes the baby's head, back and other parts of the body have visible hair grown at the time of birth itself. Do not go for any harsh scrubbers on baby's soft skin. There can be many home remedies that can be massaged very gently on baby's skin to let those hair fall off. And its quite possible that any of the remedies do not suit the baby and his skin may show up redness or rashes. Make sure you do not repeat that practice and cause irritation to baby's skin.

If your baby develops some kind of infections or allergies on his skin, do not blindly follow the instructions by so-called 'experienced people'. Listen to everyone's advice but do consult the doctor to discuss if the age-old practices agree or contradict to doctor's recommendation. There have been instances that the problem may get incurable due to such inadequate knowledge.

Nappy's customs are definitely a point of keen observance. In olden times, mommies believed that muslin cloth is one of the best absorbent to be used a baby diaper. Since there were not many known options, the parents were left with no choice. But these days, there are great diapering choices available that give baby’s skin complete protection against unwanted wetness, rashes, allergies etc.
Pampers Premium Care Pants are the latest buzzword with an aim  #SoftestForBabySkin. It lets the baby sleep comfortably and contributes in his growth. And every mom knows how calm, relaxed and happy a baby feels after enjoying a good sleep.

Lastly, do not forget to build a bond with your baby with a self-massage session. You may choose to appoint a professional for the same, but as a mom or granny touches the baby while giving a massage it stimulates baby's emotional well-being too.

Hope these tips will help new mommies to keep their baby's skin softer and problem-free :)

Happy Parenting !

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  1. I love the massaging a baby. They are so happy when you do that!! I will definitely massage my baby regularly whenever I have one. :D

    1. ha ha.. Gud wishes for that precious time in ur life dear ;)


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