Tuesday 3 November 2015

My First Liebster Award (2015)

Blogging to me is a means to have my say on different issues. I became a part of blogging world around 2 years ago, 22 months to be exact. I had been noticing and reading about this Liebster Award, but never had any intentions of getting nominated for the same. Or may be, I had a misconception that it is meant for established celebrity bloggers. I didn't pay much heed to it.

This time, I got my first nomination from Ghazala Naseem, worthy newbie owning Indian Beauty Bloom blog. A heartfelt thanks for dear Ghazala for consideration and I choose to accept it happily :) On her nomination only, I needed to explore the details of the award ;) 
Ghazala has asked me to answer her random questions about myself and here I go about it..

1. How did you decide on the title of your blog?
The title of my blog was suggested by my husband. I wanted something different than stereotype and I found it quite meaningful as per my philosophy of life. So I immediately finalized the same. 

2. Why did you start blogging?
Starting a blog had been a secret wish since long, but frankly I didn't have the courage to take the initiative. Moreover, I didn't find myself suited for the genre. But one fine day, during my winter break from work, I just expressed my thoughts to my husband and it simply kick-started. There were no reasons behind my wish, just felt inspired from what others used to write.

3. What are your three must have beauty products ?
Nice, bold lipcolors are my favs. Other than that a good quality emollient is a must have beauty product and then come Nailpaints.

4. Which is your favourite cosmetic brand and why?
Frankly can't choose one. There are few brands whose cosmetics I love more than others like Avon, Maybelline, Soultree, Colorbar etc. 

5. Which is your favourite Holiday destination?
Dalhousie, that is the paradise on Earth. You won't find a moment when you don't want to capture its beauty.

6. Home made food or Restaurant food ? and why ?
A mix of both. I love Restaurant food/snacks atleast once a week preferably on weekends. Because other than those leisurely days, homemade food is the only choice.

7. What is your Stress-Buster?
Some good music and a conversation with mom/sis.

8. How has blogging helped you to grow as a person ?
Blogging has given boost to my self-esteem. I feel myself worth of something (may be its not upto others' expectation till date), but there is a positivism in me. My communication skills are greatly polished as well.

9. Favourite Website ? and Why?
That again can't be a single one. Still I would mention Glarms.com that gives excellent tuts on varied themes which are damn easy to follow :)

10. Favourite Online store ?
Amazon.com for its wide variety.

11. What did you like most about my (Ghazala's) blog( If anything) ?
I like your enthusiasm of writing on everything you feel.

If you are also unaware, these are the Rules For The Liebster Award:
  • Thank the person who nominated you and comment on their blog.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers that you think deserve the award and notify them.
  • Answer the 11 questions you’re given and give 10 more for the bloggers you nominate to answer.
  • Make a copy of rules in your post.
The Liebster award requires a blogger to nominate 11 more bloggers to continue the chain. And I chosen these :
  1. Fatima Nayani from Health, Beauty and Food
  2. Khushboo Motihar from Munni of All Trades
  3. Sapna Amit Aggarwal from I'm a Consultant
  4. Nivedita B from Beauty At Times is Skin Deep
  5. Maitreni Mishra from The Style Symphony
  6. Sonali from Golden Rim
  7. Dipti from Rainbow Columns
  8. Anjli Sengar from Zig Zac Mania
  9. Harleen from Fab n Pretty
  10. Prerna Ranjan from Giveaway Dose
  11. Roma Gupta Sinha from Straight from The Heart
My questions to these bloggers are:
  1. Who has been your motivation in the blogging world?
  2. What do you wish you were better at?
  3. Any cute childhood memory.
  4. What's your fav pastime?
  5. On which social platform can we find you most active?
  6. Define yourself as a person in one sentence.
  7. What is your unfulfilled dream till date?
  8. What is the most important thing you learnt from blogging?
  9. Which kind of attire you prefer in daily routine?
  10. Did you ever have any unpleasant experience related to blogging? If yes, brief about it.
  11. Please give a suggestion/compliment/feedback about my blog Alive n Kicking :)
Hope you liked reading this post :P Do comment how is it ...
I am excited to read what the nominated bloggers have to say about my questions ;)


  1. Wow
    Like I said you are a rare individual with a wonderful personality - one again it felt so nice to get a peek into your likes/dislikes

    1. Thanks Jayanti for whatever u feel about me, but I'm quite ordinary being.. :)

  2. Whoa ! Congrats Shilpa !!
    Must say you deserve it.
    I fell in love with your writing and love reading each and every piece <3
    Hope you touch the sky

    1. Hope your support will take me higher Aishwarya :) Thnx for wishes !!

  3. Nice post Shilpa , was waiting to read your answers.Amazon.in and Glamrs.com are also my favourites .
    I think this award is more about spreading happiness to other bloggers , I was super excited when my blog got nominated as I am a newbie in this blogging world.

    1. I agree Ghazala that its a sheer joy to be in someone's thoughts when he/she nominates u :)

  4. Thanks Shilpa for nominating me. I will soon accept the award :*

  5. Congrats Shilpa! Your blog is so so so cute! I LOVE it!!! You totally deserve it!

    1. I am humbled that u find me and my blog deserving dear Neha :)

  6. Thank you sooo much for nominating me ♥ I'll answer your questions soon! :D

  7. Loved reading your responses.

  8. Fun post :)
    thank you for the tag honey !


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