Monday 2 November 2015

Asus Promises Har Pal Happiness in Your Life

This is that time of the year that shoppers like me are focusing their attention looking for right gift for the special and important people in their lives. The markets are flooded with gifts of every budget suited for everyone's choice. But when I say 'right gift', I literally mean that there is one special gift that actually makes the receiver happiest. I always liked making others feel loved with little 'gifts of utility' that fit in their lifestyle somewhere and remind them that someone care for them.

To me, gifting is an act of showing unselfish concern to the ones who matter to you without expecting anything in reciprocation. Exchanging gifts is one of the most humble way to express your feelings of love, care, regard, gratitude and at times apologies too. And in every relation, it reinforces internal satisfaction and strengthens the bond between people :)

And now, when the sparkling festival of India is nearing, it requires a lot of head-scratching deciding what gift items will illuminate the life of my loved ones. I can see myself spending all my savings buying beautiful tokens of love for everyone and thereby indulging in a memorable celebration of festival of lights.

You know there are some very 'expressive' people in my family who don't mind giving clear hints on what they want as Diwali Gift ;) Like my brother, who had been messaging me almost every second day with one new item to be added into his wish list. Greedy soul you see!! But what to do, the youngest sibling claims it as his right to demand anything from eldest sis... The latest one in his wishlist is a new smart phone which I thought is going to dig a deep hole in my pocket..

Anyways, I started searching for the best option... and felt on cloud nine seeing an extraordinary "Har Pal Happiness Offer" by Asus. 
Why I call it extraordinary?? The offer says that the customers buying an ASUS Zenfone will get a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth Rs.1,000 every hour. And, one lucky customer will also stand a chance to win gold vouchers worth Rs.25,000 every day! The offer is a win-win situation where I not only spread #HarPalHappiness in my brother's life, but also stand to gift happiness to myself.
I truly am fascinated by the new series by Asus that is tempting me to buy an ultra smart gadget from Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone 2 Laser, Zenfone 2 Deluxe or Zenfone Go.
Its simply the best way to celebrate Diwali with Asus and hey the offer is valid till 11th November, 15. So make the best out of it.

Happy Shopping & Happy Celebrations!


  1. Great offer!
    Buying gifts can be so stressful!
    Have a great month!

    1. Yeah, at times its really stresses us specially when its like bulk purchase :P

  2. Attractive offer. ASUS Zenfone is a new launch I guess?

    1. Zenfone is now a new launch actually, but some more variants have been added to the range.

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