Wednesday 25 November 2015

Technocrat Bosses are happier

Are you a working professional? How do you get on with you boss? Umm, you won't be daring to comment on it, I guess. Many of us just pretend to get on well with our bosses. In my case, I work with a female boss whose scary look certainly make my heart skip a beat (due to fear obviously) :(
So many times, there is a feeling in my heart to control her with a remote and ensure her actions on my beats ..haha.. Atleast, I would be able to stop her thinking of layoff at my workplace to save the livelihood of my colleagues and ofcourse, myself. Honestly, my boss is a ocean of wisdom when it comes to administrating, but she can create death-like terror in office with her presence. Recently, on her birthday, just to show our gratitude, all the staff members gifted her a brand new smartphone from Micromax and woah! she can list herself among top #technocrats now. wanna know how?
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She would sit in her AC office most of the time instead of keeping a vigil eye on employess and will click selfies pouting so smartly ;) Oh yeah! her photography skills have improved in quite a few days.. After every few hours, you will find her updating her DP on WhatsApp with a smile which is something rare to witness if you see her in person ;) And it gives me a chance to come in her good book by sending her heartwarming compliments.

She would now spend most of her time 'reaserching' ideas that can make her a better manager by turning crappy projects into fun-filled ones to involve volunteers. Truly, we the employees don't mind engaging in such activities :)

Something that used to scare many people in office earlier was when she supervises whether we utilized all resources to utmost possibility and gives her sarcastic feedback. Now she is more on connecting with us on social platforms forwarding her valuable inputs with cute smily and we may heave a sigh of relief. ;) Even she has started approving 'Leaves'/ day offs on Whatsapp or messanger in view of supporting paperless work ! Clap clap for the noble thought :P

How can I forget mentioning her peppy ringtones that are center of attraction whenever her phone rings ;)
The other side of the story is that not only the world (read office staff) is happy to find her engrossed in her action-packed gadget, but staying in touch with all the employees 24*7 over the phone through so many Apps makes her feel like a real Boss.

I can see more of a happier person now, because being gizmo-freak is not always creepy, but can change someone's life for better :)

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