Monday 23 November 2015

Watch Your Watch!

Remember the time when fathers used to hand over a watch to their children on their 18th birthday and the children treasured it for generations :P But the scenario has changed altogether now. Almost every six months, we eye on a new 'in' thing in the market and strive desperately to own it. Though a big proportion of public, now a days, rely on their smart phones to keep track of time; but I still feel a timeless timepiece is the best accessory to add up your style quotient.

"Time flies", as they say. But I am glad I may embrace it in most splendid manner :) I'm fanatically in love with accumulating classy watches and feel proud to flaunt them as and when possible :*
An intelligent buy for professional women like me should be no sub-standard, over-embellished and showy timepieces that ruins the purpose of adorning it. Save such pieces for some social gatherings or festive occasions.
The idea is not just to glance at my wrist watch at different point of time all the day long, but to express my taste for an elegant wrist candy.

A chic, feminine advert of beautiful craftsmanship is my preference while choosing a wrist watch for myself that is less-complicated in its construction but speaks loud of luxurious finish.

I have this confession to make that I don't mind investing little extra in a majestic timepiece if my heart beats for one. Because for me, a watch not only serves top-notch functionality but gives my personality a graceful distinction. And wearing an impressive watch helps me stay true to my style !!

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