Friday 20 November 2015

Anherb Under Eye Gel Review

Tired eyes is a common issue with most people these days. Reasons can vary from person to person, but lack of sufficient sleep, excess use of electronic gadgets, extended working hours etc are some factors that contribute towards strained eyes. And then it results in dark circles, swollen eyes and marks on skin around eyes. To tackle all these problems, I tried an Under Eye Gel from Anherb that is made of excellent ingredients.

Product Info:
It contains a unique de-pigmentation bio flavonoid complex which reduce dark circles. Matrixyl imparts gene activation that complements the skin natural restructuring property by puffiness & visibly firms and smoothens the eye area.
Green Tea Extract: Antioxidant & Revitalizing agent. 
Cucumber Extract: Helps reducing puffiness & dark circle.
Walnut seed Extract: Age defense power which helps in diminishing fine & wrinkles around eyes.
Natural Protein Extract: Helps in natural regeneration & replenishment of skin cells 
Price: Rs. 450 for a pack of 15ml. 
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

How to use: Place small dots around the area under eyes, outer corners, eye lids and smooth in until thoroughly adsorbed. If product gets into the eyes rinses thoroughly with water.

Anherb Under Eye Gel comes in a beautiful glass jar with a tight screw cap. There is inner disc under the cap for double safety of the product. The jar is quite sleek and handy & can be carried aound easily in your bag. 
My take on the product:
The Anherb under eye gel gives a fresh feel with its mint green color. The color seems to be dominated by green tea and cucumber extracts. I felt no fragrance in the gel, so it would be an added advantage to those who prefer fragrance-free products.
The gel is very mild in application on the skin since it is meant to be used on the thinnest layer of skin of our body i.e. around our eyes. The gel gives no sensation to skin and is absolutely soothing.
Being a gel, its not greasy like some of the creams. It sinks in the skin immediately and hydrates the skin to keep the skin around eyes youthful and bright. Using this gel infused with cooling cucumber de-puffs the swollen under-eye area quite effectively, but demands regular use to reduce fine lines and dark circles. After a use of around three weeks now, I'm noticing my dark circles fading slightly. Though it would more time to completely diminish. The brand has uniquely combined walnut seed extracts into the formulation to lighten wrinkles. I just need a small amount and it makes the under eye skin supple. Applying the gel in the night before you go to bed is the best time to let the gel show its efficacy, but can be used in the morning if the dryness of eye skin is an issue. Also it doesn't cause smudging of your eye makeup, since its totally non-greasy.

Overall, its a worth-trying product to achieve firm and bright skin with glowing eyes. But I wish the price could have been lesser for the quantity offered.

Cute packaging
Refreshing color.
Effective ingredients like green tea, cucumber and walnut seeds.
A little goes a long way.
Sinks in the skin instantly.
Hydrates the delicate skin.
Controls puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Quite expensive.

**PR Sample


  1. nice green color
    I too have fine lines around eyes
    can try this

  2. Rich in antioxidants means superb for under eye area. Looks like a good product. :D

  3. Looks soothing... nice review Shilpa..

  4. I have very deep dark circles. Do you think this might work for me?

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