Friday 13 November 2015

Moha Anti Dandruff Oil Review

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Lately I have been writing about Moha's products and seriously am fallen in love with each of them. They have not only formulated products for all our needs, but have kept the prices so affordable that you may buy any product without thinking much. Today I'll talk about an hair oil that is must-have for most of us to control and cure dandruff specially in winter season.

Product Info:
Get soft, shiny, healthy hair with Moha non- sticky Anti Dandruff Oil. A delightful infusion of Neem, Hibiscus and Rusmari Oils, it effectively fights dandruff while nourishing hair naturally strengthening the roots and preventing split ends.
Tea tree (Melaleuca leucadendron) oil prevents dandruff and scalp dryness.
Rusmari (Rosmarinus officinalis) oil nourishes hair roots and promotes hair health.
Neem (Melia azadirachta) oil controls scalp itching.
Water Lily (Nymphea stellata) oil makes hair soft & manageable with its conditioning effect.
Hibiscus (Hibiscus-rosa sinensis) oil powerful time-test hair tonic and promotes hair shine.
How to use:
Apply oil gently on the scalp. Massage in circular motion to absorb oil in the scalp. Use it regularly and allow it to work for half an hour for effective dandruff control and hair nourishment.

Price: Rs 105 for a 100 ml pack.
Shelf Life: 2 years
The packaging of the anti-dandruff hair oil is similar to Moha's body lotion with a different print on the bottle. I find it quite comfortable to take out the oil from spritz bottle. The outer cap on the bottle is very tight and makes the bottle travel-friendly. The bottle is packed in a cardboard carton.
My take on the product:
My scalp remains clear all the year long except the winter months as I have to take head bath in warm water. I can't dare to use fresh water for washing my hair as I easily get caught by cough n cold, so lukewarm water is my only choice and then it causes dandruff. So its the appropriate time that I started using Moha's anti-dandruff oil.
The oil seems a clear liquid though shows some light green color at times when you pour it on your palm. You guys can look at the pic above n decide the actual color ;)

The oil has a good fragrance that we expect from a nice infusion of herbs in an oil and I liked it. It may not be liked by people who avoid herbal aromas. The texture of the oil is light enough to make my scalp moist and not over-greasy. I genuinely felt relieved from itchy scalp after I used this oil that was troubling me for last few weeks.

Whenever I apply any hair oil, I try to leave it on my hair and scalp overnight. So my preferred day to oil my hair is Saturday. And I follow my custom with this oil as well. Post head bath, it leaves the hair quite manageable and easy to detangle. The flaky scalp becomes considerably healthy after few uses.
The oil also claims to cure fungal infection on the scalp for which I am unable to comment as I haven't faced any such issue ever.
But since this pretty affordable oil comes fortified from herbal oils like tea tree oil, hibiscus oil, neem oil etc that are meant for controlling dandruff, it is much needed to providing nutrition to the scalp. I ensure regular weekly massage before shampooing my hair to strengthen the roots of my hair.

Very Economical.
Controls flaky dandruff.
Relieves scalp itching and dryness.
Adds shine and lustre to hair.
Quite aromatic.
Light and Non-greasy.
Travel friendly packaging.


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  1. I love your long long hair <3
    I think the packing is cute too
    I love the pictues you use in the background
    After reading the list of ingredients I feel the color and preservatives are not good for me as I got my first gray at the age of 11, so I'm very scared abt what I put into my hair
    You facing any grays ?

  2. My husband faces lot of dandruff problem. May be this will help him. Looking at the previous comment if it causes gray hair then I think I will not buy it and my hubby has a tendency to develop gray hair fast.

  3. Moha skin care and hair care range seem quite amazing. Can't believe I haven't tried any of their products yet.


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